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The 5 must-have reasons to say goodbye to bottled water for good – you’ll be shocked!

By Sammy Byron , on July 31, 2023 - 3 minutes to read
The 5 must-have reasons to say goodbye to bottled water for good - you'll be shocked!

The reasons why it’s best to stop drinking bottled water… you’ll be shocked!

Drinking enough water every day is essential to staying hydrated. However, if you’re used to drinking bottled water, it’s time to reconsider the habit. Not only can it be bad for your health, it can also have a negative impact on the environment and your wallet. Here are five compelling reasons to stop drinking bottled water.

1. Bottled water: bad for your health

Plastic water bottles contain harmful chemicals called PET (polyethylene terephthalate). These substances can disrupt the proper functioning of our cells and act as artificial hormones, which can have harmful consequences on our endocrine system, our fertility and even increase the risk of breast cancer.

What’s more, reusing plastic water bottles poses a health risk, as they can become nests for bacteria and germs. According to a recent study, reused bottles can contain up to 20 times more bacteria than a dog’s bowl, and 100 times more than a toilet bowl! And that’s not the worst of it, as 60% of these bacteria can cause illness.

So we’d better stop drinking bottled water to protect our health.

2. Less healthy than tap water

Did you know that 25% of bottled water actually comes from the tap? Manufacturers simply treat it to make it more expensive, so why not drink it straight from the tap? If you want extra security, you can install a filter on your tap to eliminate unwanted tastes and residual impurities.

3. Bottled water: it’s expensive

Tap water is an extremely affordable drink! It costs 120 times less than bottled water. So says the Maison de la Consommation et de l’Environnement, a consumer association. This big price difference is due to the fact that when you buy bottled water, you’re mainly paying for the plastic that surrounds it. This is a real boon for manufacturers, whereas we have free access to tap water.

4. It’s not very ecological

Plastic bottles are notoriously harmful to the environment. Even if some can be recycled, plastic is not sustainable and its transformation requires a lot of energy, which contributes to atmospheric pollution. What’s more, plastic bottles often end up in nature, particularly in oceans and forests, where they can remain for decades or even centuries. That’s why it’s best to eliminate them from our daily lives.

5. Bottled water: the alternatives

If you want to say goodbye to bottled water, we’ve got the perfect, easy solution for you. Simply choose a bottle or flask that you can fill to your heart’s content, in the shape and size that suits you best. Choose a sturdy material that’s easy to carry around, such as glass or stainless steel. At home, you can also use a glass pitcher fitted with an ecological filter for even purer water.

And to add even more flavor, don’t hesitate to add chopped fruit or vegetables to your water for a colorful, detoxifying effect!

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