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Spaag acquires Germinal: the start of the European market

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
spaag rachete germinal

Germinala growth marketing company founded by the famous – and king of Linkedin – Germinal. Gregoire Gambatto, Paco Villetard and Benjamin Gabay made the headlines this end of year 2021. Gregoire had left the reins of the company to Claire Jenvrin, becoming the new CEO, a nice proof of confidence for the one who had entered the structure for a short time…

With the buyout by Spaag from Germinala new phase of growth will begin.

Spaag will bring European development to Germinal

Wanting to implement a digital strategy and accompany companies in their “scaling”. requires financial resources (SEO, SEA budget, Social Networks…) and human resources. Germinal will now be able to accept all the requests of companies looking for a high level of support.

We will no longer turn away clients thanks to this new complementary offer. We will be able to move to another level of growth, serenely.

Claire Jenvrin – Source: email release of the sale of Germinal

Spaag has a real legitimacy in the field of growth marketing support. Just look at a selection of their client references to confirm this:

  • Homeloop
  • Decathlon Travel
  • Mimetix
  • etc
spaag customer references
Spaag Customer References – Data source and rights

A strong female duo at the helm

Claire will be accompanied by another woman, Coralie Dussart at the head of Spaag. A female duo of shock as it is unfortunately too rare to find in a digital world still strongly masculine!

claire jenvrin and coralie dussart
Claire Jenvrin and Coralie Dussart – Photo credits – Front page image of the article modified

Carrying the same corporate culture as Germinalthe marriage seemed perfect. The founders had already had proposals for a takeover, but the corporate culture was not adequate. With SpaagGerminal finally finds a capable of preserving this so particular tonalitywith great blows of tractor 🚜!

Conducting the 2 activities at the same time : Coaching and Training

This training division will always be managed by Germinal.

Germinal logo and antechamber
Credits Logo – Site

Germinal created its service theAntiChamber allowing everyone to e-learning on growth marketing techniques. Thus, those who do not have the financial capacity to be accompanied, can for a reasonable cost, learn the strategies and implement them for their own company, project or product. The goal is to be able to implement these strategies oneself.

Spaagwill intervene on the accompaniment.

logo spaag
Credits Logo Website

Many companies do not have the possibility, the desire or the resources to apply the knowledge taught in the Antichambre.

They need an agency that will take care of this famous “scaling”. They need an agency that will take care of this famous “scaling” (Editor’s note: operations and marketing strategies aimed at iterating and validating the different parts of a “value proposition” that works and multiplying the results exponentially).

Spaag will therefore be positioned on this niche and will accompany the development by accompanying the companies.

Good news for Germinal ?

We think so. Gregoire’s words had been quite clear on Linkedin at the end of the year. Germinal had narrowly passed the brink of a shutdown of its activities. So everything seems to be on the green light for this beautiful French company.

And what about the Grégoire in all this?

Gregoire Gambatto
Grégoire Gambatto – Source and Credits Linkedin Profile Photo

He will always be present with Paco as members of the Germinal board.

NoYou haven’t heard the last of him yet!

To conclude, Claire Jenvrin announces the color for the continuation, and one can trust him!

Now get ready because it’s going to be a blast 🏴☠️

Claire Jenvrin – Source: email release from the sale of Germinal

We wish them all the success they deserve!

About Spaag

Spaag’s value proposition stands on its own

Spaag is a digital marketing firm that helps you achieve your growth goals through powerful growth hacking strategies and flawless execution.

Digital growth marketing firm based in Lille and Paris and founded in 2017 by Coralie Dussart.

About Germinal

Inventor of the Antichamber with a clear concept announced on the home page

The online training to create a profitable business without asking too many questions.

Germinal is a company founded by Gregoire Gambatto, Paco Villetard and Benjamin Gabay in 2018. First as a support for companies, Germinal has taken the turn of e-learning and the transmission of its digital expertise. Aware that not all companies can be accompanied and that the tools available today allow motivated people to do it by themselves, the Antichambre was born. Many founders have thus been able to learn how to grow their company the “Germinal” way…

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