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How to become a food photographer?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 5 minutes to read
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The job of a culinary photographer is a real passion for those who love cooking. Of course, one does not become food photographer overnight or just because you had a revelation. You have to know how to become one and what path to follow to progress in culinary photography. Details.

Culinary photography: an art form

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The journey of a professional specialized in culinary photography is often long. His prowess does not necessarily depend on the training he has undergone but on his creativity, his experience and his talent. Some details are sometimes overlooked about the job of a photographer. It has nothing to do with ordinary jobs, it is an artist’s job. To photograph plates and delicious food, you need to have art in your blood as well as a great artistic talent. The professional must have a great imagination and his creativity is limitless. When you want to become a food photographer, you need:

Since this is an art profession, the artist must prove himself day after day by taking culinary photos or, by consulting social networks, researching and studying the culture of culinary photography.

There are inevitably training to become a photographer but you can also be self-taught and learn how to canvass clients. Indeed, more and more photographers prefer to get involved in the study of food styling and this, without following any professional training. In any case, for become a professional photographerit is useful to :

  • Present your services on social networks.
  • Propose your culinary photos on your website or through a portfolio.
  • Join the community of culinary photographers.
  • Follow one or two photographers.

But a training in culinary photography is also appreciated if you want to master the basics of culinary photography.

Have a great passion for both mediums

For to become a photographerTo become a photographer, you must have a great passion for cooking and for photography. It is then recommended to follow a training in photographyto follow professional photographers and to specialize in culinary photography only. It is not enough to take pictures of a dish to make the reader hungry. It is necessary to take care of every detail of the dish in particular:

  • Its texture.
  • Its colors.
  • Its staging.
  • The background.

There is no need to go further if you are not passionate about cooking or if you are just happy to take pictures and that’s it. For become a food photographer, you need:

  • Find your own identities in terms of culinary photography.
  • Know how to stage products and decorate a plate of food.
  • To transmit the flavor of the dish.

To tell a beautiful story about the food

Even if a training in culinary photography is required for master the art of photographythe success of the photographs rests on the creativity of the independent photographer. When taking a picture, it is useful to know all the details about the food. It is then necessary :

  • Follow the steps of the recipe.
  • Watch the chef at work.
  • Capturing shots that create emotion.
  • Make the image speak with its compositions of textures and colors.

A culinary stylist must be a regular at photos in the kitchenIt must tell a nice story about the recipe and the chef’s know-how, especially in the staging of the ingredients. The objective is therefore to to make food lovers hungryto make their mouths water and to make them salivate in front of the images.

Proving yourself in the world of food photography

If you want to advance in the world of culinary photographyYou have to prove yourself. It is important to find customers by publishing, for example, the photos on Instagram Or on social networks. But there are three possibilities for you to launch your career as a professional photographer :

  • Become freelance photographer.
  • Working as an employee in an agency.
  • Selling photos to magazines or to image banks.

Once you’ve established a client base, all that’s left to do is launch a real career as a freelance photographer. It is therefore advisable to always prove yourself in this field. Unlike other professions, an art job requires :

  • Patience.
  • Passion.
  • A great creativity and imagination.
  • Practicality with many textured dishes.
  • Starting from nothing to create beautiful culinary shots.

Finally, to be successful in your career, it is in your interest to follow professionals, to watch them at work and also to know to handle a camera. So keep in mind that the choice of material always determines the visual rendering of your images.

Training to become a food photographer: a must

You now know the different qualities expected of a good food photographer as well as the essential elements to achieve a certain success. But of course, there is still one essential thing to do to give yourself the best chance of success: follow a training course worthy of the name to become a professional photographer. In link, you will find the site ofa school of photography whose reputation is not to be made: the ETPA. For more than 40 years, this school present in Toulouse, Montpellier and Rennes offers a training of professional photographer of excellent quality over two years.

In order to train students well, the program is above all turned towards the intensive practice of photography in situation. Practice makes perfect! Equipment, different techniques, artistic sense, but also the daily reality of the photographer’s job and the formation of a real network… By turning to ETPA, you put all the chances on your side to succeed in a particularly competitive and seductive field. Do not hesitate to consult the school’s website to learn more about the training offered.

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