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Yoga of energy : the postures to adopt !

By Sammy Byron , on November 3, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Yoga de l'énergie

After long hours of hard work, our body needs moments of rest and relaxation, there are several activities that can help you feel better in your body. Today we are going to talk about the yoga of energy which is based on the principle of breathing, concentration and especially relaxation.

Thanks to specific postures, energy yoga offers you the possibility to dive into your mind. You surely want to know the postures presented by energy yoga that help you relax, as well as the benefits of its regular practice. It is in this article.

The different postures of energy yoga

You often feel tired and weak after a long day, you want to refuel, good news for you, yoga postures of energy are the foundation that puts you in a state of balance and relaxation and helps you maintain your body’s form and release pressure. Learn how to improve the energies of your body by practicing these simple energy yoga postures:

  • The Arabian posture: with this posture you learn balance, but also to calm the mind and increase concentration.
  • The chair posture : sitting on an imaginary chair helps you to exercise the spine which will unblock the energy center.
  • Prelin’s pose: strengthens the back, shoulders and arms, moreover, this posture improves digestion.
  • Bridge pose : allows to clear the flow of energy from the spinal cord.
  • The alternate nostril breathing posture: this is the easiest exercise which will energize the body and calm the mind.
  • Dolphin plank pose: tones the abdominal muscles and plays an important role in rejuvenation.
  • Dog face up pose: improves lung capacity and increases flexibility of the body.
  • Corpse pose: reduces headaches and lowers blood pressure, also allows you a deep sleep.

The meaning of energy yoga

The yoga is a discipline which consists in the practice of several exercises or even postures aiming at releasing the spirit through breathing techniques. The yoga of energy of Indo-Tibetan origin often called Hatha-yoga, is aimed at various categories of people, because it contains a number of levels of difficulty very variable.

Until now, this discipline does not cease to seduce many people around the world, although it is a simple sport, it aims to achieve harmony and well-being of the individual, a true path to peace with oneself, but also a path leading to the purification of mind and body.

The benefits of a regular practice of energy yoga

In view of its simple and sometimes fun practice, nowadays, energy yoga is considered a fashionable phenomenon that pushes many people to choose it as their daily activity, moreover, its practice offers well-being to the mind and body, here is what energy yoga can bring you:

  • Have confidence in yourself because there are postures that give satisfaction ;
  • stabilizes your breathing;
  • allows you to build up your body and strengthen it ;
  • relieves back pain and joints;
  • concentration and energy are improved;
  • promotes weight loss and good blood circulation;
  • drives out stress and anxiety;
  • requires little equipment (a mat and a comfortable outfit) and can be practiced alone at home.

Moreover, the yoga of energy gives the image of peace and serenity, a considerable opportunity for anyone who seeks mental and physical well-being.

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