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Where to find a good rental in Nancy?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Location courte durée à Nancy

You wish to to go to Nancy to stay oou are considering leaving your city to move to this one?

The first and most important thing to think about is where to live.

Between apartment, house or hotel room, we have a wide choice, but what is difficult is to find the accommodation that meets the desired criteria, especially to its budget.

What are therefore the prices of rentals in Nancy ? Where can I find a good apartment to rent in Nancy?

What is a short term rental in Nancy ?

When you decide to do an internship for a few months only, in the city of Nancy which is far from your home, it is obvious that you are not going to transport all your furniture. The best solution is to rent an apartment, preferably furnished, in order not to worry too much.

Indeed, a short term rental is offered to you in order to carry out your internship efficiently, by having a place to live until the end of this duration. It is almost the same as a vacation rental.

But before making your choice, you must be well informed about the lease, the home insurance. In fact, there are comprehensive insurance policies that offer guarantees for up to 90 days.

Which apartment to choose in Nancy ?

Like any other city, Nancy offers many types of rentals. The tenant is free to choose what he prefers. For this in Nancy, we have :

The hotel residences

Currently, in France, especially in Nancy, the hotel residences are in full development. Many people who come to Nancy for different reasons choose an apartment hotel. Indeed, in this kind of residence, one benefits from a kitchen, a bathroom, and all is furnished and equipped. Moreover, one also benefits from the services of the hotel.

You just have to call to see the availability and make a reservation in advance. And once you arrive at this hotel residence in Nancy, you can stay for a short or long time depending on your needs. But you should know that the rates are different especially if the period is more than one month.

Hostel for young workers

If you are between 16 and 25 years old, why not opt for a residence for young workers ?

In Nancy, there are several hostels for young workers that offer single rooms, studios, and even common areas. These hostels welcome students, trainees or young people in unstable situations. Thus, these tenants must sign a contract with the owner of the hostel.

These young trainees or students have the opportunity to live in this residence for a period that varies from a few months to two years. And the cost of the rent is not too expensive, moreover a part can be taken in charge by the Personalized Housing Allowance.

Why not opt for a self-catering cottage in Nancy?

Sometimes, the owners of a house or an apartment wish to find a tenant during their vacations, during the weekends or even for longer periods. For this, it is well to opt for a rental of a cottage.

Indeed, we will benefit from a very comfortable apartment, furnished and equipped, to enjoy the quietness of the countryside.

As for the rental price of the apartments in Nancy, it is important to know that it varies between 10.40 euros and 15 euros for the m2. But you can find higher and lower prices, depending on the type of accommodation and its location.

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