Where to buy a cheap plastic chicken coop?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 5 minutes to read
Poulailler plastique pas cher

Who has never dreamed to have his own henhouse in his garden, in order to have fresh and organic eggs every morning for his breakfast?

It is possible! Because in France you can easily get a henhouse to place in your outdoor spaces.

There are some different models built with different materials, and at different prices.

The perfect chicken house must meet your needs, as well as your budget.

Apart from the wooden hen houses, there are also models of plastic hen house trends, more affordable, and especially less cumbersome!

In this article we will look at the best places to find a cheap chicken coop.

Why choose a plastic chicken coop?

Cheap plastic chicken house

The chicken coop it is the hen house, it allows you to raise your own birds, to produce your own organic eggs every morning!

But for your chickens to feel comfortable, this habitat must be provided with various equipment, such as pantries, drinkers, perches, or laying boxes, to ensure the well-being of the hens.

A plastic hen house provides many more advantages than the traditional wooden chicken house.

  • The plastic chicken house is the most popular equipment of urban chicken breeders, much less bulky and heavy, and more practical than a wooden henhouse. This element appeals more to French people who live in urban areas, with small outdoor spaces.
  • This last one exists with shapes, sizes and colors more modern and design, which will go to delight with your outside spaces.
  • The plastic used For the construction of the chicken coop, is a stronger, more durable material than wood. In addition, it the installation of the chicken coop does not require the construction of the concrete support, you just have to place it on your green spaces. This is convenient and advantageous, when you want to change its place in your garden.
  • Unlike to the wooden henhouse, the plastic one is much easier and faster to clean, you just have to pass a jet of water on the different surfaces of this habitat for chickens. Because plastic is much stronger and waterproof than wood, so you won’t get water infiltration, or mold.
  • In addition plastic chicken coops are affordable and completely recyclable, which will delight the lovers of ecology.

Where to buy a plastic chicken coop?

In France, you can find a large number of of models of plastic henhouse, everything will depend on your outdoor space, as well as your needs, and your budget.

Often the best way to do this research for this type of supply, is to go through the net. You will access different sites specializing in the sale of plastic chicken coop, as well as to addresses of poultry houses in your area.

This is our selection of specialized sales outlets, where you can find cheap chicken coops.

  • You can go through the large surfaces, these signs of proximity, propose a small choice of models of plastic chicken coops, the advantage is that these models are affordable, but the negative point is that they are often of poor quality.
  • In Pet shop type signs, you will find a wider choice of models of chicken coop of all prices, as well as different qualities. The advantage is that you will benefit from the advice of an expert, to guide you towards the plastic chicken coop, that suits you best. Please note that the higher the quality of the plastic coop, the higher the price!
  • There are also a lot of web pages, specialized in the sale of chicken coop online, in this type of site you will find a monster choice of models of plastic chicken coop, all prices, and all qualities, all depends on the site in question. Your choice will be made according to your needs, and your budget. The advantage is that this type of sales site, also guarantees home delivery, as its you will receive your chicken coop directly at home, without moving.
  • There are also online comparison sites, that allow you to compare prices of different web pages of plastic chicken coop sales, for your chosen chicken coop model, allowing you to buy your plastic chicken habitat at the best price!

Can you buy an eco-friendly chicken coop?

As you have just read on our page, the advantages of plastic are undeniable. The maintenance of your chicken coop will be greatly facilitated and your coop will last for many years. The only concern with plastic is that it is not necessarily environmentally friendly. As you probably know, the environment is polluted with microplastics, especially the marine environment, impacting both fish and birds.

Choosing wood is not necessarily the best solution either, as it is a less resistant material. You will have to change your coop well in advance, thus creating waste. On top of that, the wood will be treated, stained or varnished, and these are not really nature-friendly products.

If you want to be eco-responsible, there is a solution. You just have to buy a plastic henhouse on

plastic hen house on gardenature
  • This supplier sells chicken coops made from recycled plastic.
  • You will also reduce your carbon footprint, by limiting transportation. Indeed, you will have a henhouse made with recycled polyethylene and with a European manufacture.
  • You will have a weatherproof chicken coop, without the need for any treatment, for a period of 10 years.
  • Your chickens will not be infected with red lice, and you will not need to treat them.

The respect of the ecology is thus completely possible to take care of your hens. This will allow you to go even further in your approach, since your hens will be able to eat your food scraps, such as your peelings, your leftover bread, meat, … All this will allow you to enjoy good eggs, fresh, and at the same time educate your children and your family to this ecological cause.

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