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When should I change the brake pads on my ATV?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
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As with cars, bikes with disc brakes must be maintained and changed on a regular basis, whether these brakes are hydraulic or manual, it is important to review and change them often. In this article we will explain when you should change your brake pads and how you should proceed.

How do the brake pads of an ATV work?

Brake pads are the most important element for your safety when pedaling. They also ensure you a good comfort and to be able to brake in an optimal way, with the wire of time and the use, these last ones start to deteriorate little by little and become much less powerful, the various causes of their deterioration are:

  • The normal use in time;
  • Premature use with the possibility of glazing ;
  • Contamination by fatty elements.

Because of all this, you will see a degradation of the platelets and a great decrease of their efficiencyIt is therefore essential to change them often, it is even more prudent because they are the ones that ensure your safety. As far as how the pads work, they pinch the brake disc to slow down the rotation of the discs and the wheels, most cars have two brake pads per disc, so eight pads in all. Each time you brake, these pads lose a little more of their effectiveness, and it is because of this that they must be changed.

When should I change the brake pads on an ATV?

When you notice an abnormal noise when braking and you feel a difficulty to do it. As we said above, this can be caused by several reasons, wear and time are the main causes, otherwise the number one enemy of the brake pads is grease, this is called the contamination by the fatWhen you grease your chain for example, it is possible that the pads are affected, and then become much less efficient. If you think that your brake pads are contaminated by grease, try to boil them, it does not always work, but you can always try, you never know.

How to change the brake pads on an ATV ?

If you have the necessary equipment and good knowledge in this field, you can change your brake pads yourself, otherwise call a professional. It should be noted that you should always change your brake pads in pairs. If you have any doubts, go to the automotive centers that have experience and will do the installation correctly and ensure your safety. Because you can put yourself in danger in case they are not properly placed. Seeing a professional also allows you to check other aspects, such as pedal pumping and adjusting the brake fluid level. It is important to know that when you put in new brake pads, they require a break-in which goes from 500 to 1000km depending on their use. So you have to be careful, when you change your pads. As for the price of the latter, you can find quality pads from 5 euros, so it is not worth putting yourself in danger for so little. Also check the compatibility of the pads with your mountain bike.

In conclusion, the importance of changing brake pads is paramount, it should be a priority. There is no need to put yourself in danger, especially when you know that it would not cost you much.

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