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What is the best motorcycle back protector?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
Quelle est la meilleure dorsale de moto ?

Over the years, two-wheeled transport has become a trend, which has significantly increased the risk of road accidents. Because of the many risks involved, many motorcyclists need to be educated about road safety.

However, there are still many people who take the subject lightly and do not invest in protective equipmentincluding those related to the back area. No need for a huge budget to ensure its safety. This accessory will allow you to minimize your shocks during serious accidents and thus to limit the wounds or lesions on the level of the spinal column.

We will see throughout this article how to help you to choose the best model of back protector that will meet your expectations.

What is a motorcycle back protector and why wear one?

A “Motorcycle backrest” or also called “back protection”, is an accessory of road protection intended for the people who roll in two wheels such as the motor bikes, motor bikes cross, scooters or still mopeds. The backrest allows you to protect the entire back of your body, from the top of your shoulders to the pelvis.

Made essentially of flexible PVC, it will allow you to minimize the risk of bodily harm or all types of shocks during road accidents. The designers of this equipment have in addition to safety, thought to optimize a maximum comfort of motorcyclists, thanks mainly to fabrics and materials light, soft and flexible.

Thus the motorcycle backpacks will bring you:

  • a guaranteed dorsal safety;
  • a comfort solution adapted to long distances;
  • ease of use and transport.

Thus, by opting for a back protector, you will be able to ride in total comfort but also in in complete safety.

What are the types of motorcycle backpacks?

With the rise in the marketing of road equipment, more and more brands are marketing these protective accessories. It can be difficult to find the right back protector among all these models. Indeed, there are several models of protective shells offered in three different types such as:

  • back brace : made of straps, this dorsal was designed to be placed under your jacket or jacket. The latter is adjustable and removable according to your desires or your morphology;
  • integrated dorsal : located in the linings of motorcycle jackets, the latter is made entirely of condensed foam. However, you will have to think of replacing it by a flexible PVC backrest for more safety;
  • chest protector/vest: worn alone or without motorcycle jacket, this vest is one of the simplest alternatives in terms of use and efficiency. Composed of a pre-integrated backbone, it can also be reinforced.

Certain criteria must be taken into account in order not to be mistaken at the time of your choice.

What are the criteria to consider before buying a back protector?

There are several models of protective backpacks, but whichever model you select, you will need study certain criteria of safety and comfort in order to make the right purchase.

Therefore, it is essential to take a look at the approval of these protections back protections to know :

  • presence of the CE label : it is important to check the presence of this label, which will guarantee the safety and the quality of manufacture of this article, thus answering the standards of productions European. If the latter does not appear on the product data sheet, do not buy it, your safety is at stake.
  • presence of the code EN 1621-2 : once again, the EN 1621-2 standard is a standard set up by the European committee in order to control the reliability of goods. Thus this standard will prove that the accessory in question perfectly meets the European manufacturing standards and thus its guarantee.
  • presence of the mention B / BL : these mentions are indicators of protection zones. Thus a back protector with a B marking means that it protects only the back, while the BL marking protects the entire back, as well as the lumbar region.

Now you know all about motorcycle back protectors. You can make your choice in your store and enjoy the sensations of two wheels in complete safety.

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