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What distance learning course to teach yoga?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 9 minutes to read
What distance learning course to teach yoga?

The right courses and training to become a yoga teacher are difficult to find because there is no real official Federation in France. The types of yoga practice are multiple, which is even more confusing for those who are looking to become a yoga teacher.

There are currently a training to become a yoga teacher that shakes the world of the web. Indeed, the competition is tough in this field, and this training which was born a few months ago, is already envious.

Indeed, the school that provides this training has “disrupted” the market by offering a training for all in e-learning and at a current price defying all competition.

You can consult all this information on the dedicated training sheet on the Continuité Pédagogique website.

At the time of writing, this online training to become a yoga teacher is offered at a rate of 176.40 € instead of 575 €. Enough to train for a small investment.

Literal definition : What is yoga ?

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline of Hindu origin that combines breath control, meditation and specific body postures.

Yoga is a science and spiritual experience which allows all those who practice it to find themselves in a state, both mentally and physically, of total tranquility. Its practice consists of postures and exercises that allow you to dissipate all turbulence and to control your impressions. In a word, the practice of these exercises is a step towards your mental and physical well-being.

Are you so passionate about yoga that you make it a daily activity? Do you want to receive good instruction from a yoga training in a prestigious school in order to become a yoga teacher?

It doesn’t matter what your current level is (week, month, year) in this activity, you can become a yoga teacher.

Read this article carefully, because we tell you all about it.

Yoga teacher training: how does it work?

With the proliferation of yoga practice studios in France, interest in this science is growing and teachers of this science are in high demand. Women, children and people with reduced mobility learn meditation, but above all they receive yoga teachings.

The benefits of this discipline are no longer to be proven. If yoga allows to find substantial answers to the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I know the Truth? It must be said that receiving a yoga training is certainly useful to learn more about yourself, but also to transmit the teaching of yoga to others.

Yoga is the alliance between the soul (individual consciousness) and the spirit (universal consciousness) . Much more than knowing the various techniques, exercises and postures that govern the practice of yoga, it should be understood. Indeed, the asanas are just the visible part of this discipline.

Yoga teacher trainings certified by ICA, IPHM, IICT

Our yoga teacher trainingalternates several modules that will give you a deeper understanding of the mental, emotional and spiritual worlds of this discipline.

This yoga teacher training course, through multiple courses, allows you to identify all the specialized branches of this great psychic science. It draws its sources from the philosophy and principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (also called Vinyasa).

The yoga teacher training we offer leads to a diploma. This diploma is certified and recognized by The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

This yoga teacher training program meets the requirements of the ICA International Compliance Association and the IICT, The International Institute For Complementary Therapists.

The complete distance learning yoga teacher training courses with certification

To teach yogathis school offers you a unlimited access to their online yoga teacher training. It must be said that to teach yoga, their teaching actually lasts only a few months. However, it should be noted that this time varies according to the abilities of each learner who wishes to become a yoga teacher for life. This quality learning is done through nine (9) unique modules.

MODULE 1: History and Philosophy of Yoga

This yoga course (module) deals with the generalities of yoga. It is an introduction to the history of yoga philosophy. Through this yoga teacher training you will discover the origin of yoga and what it can teach you about your personal atman. To teach yoga, you will also study all the the eight branches of Ashtanga yoga, The five levels of being and the energy body.

MODULE 2: Types of Yoga

In this step, each prospective yoga teacher will be provided with a summary of the different styles and types of yoga. This course will outline how to teach yoga by exploring the most common models of yoga around the world. These include, but are not limited to:

  • hatha yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Jivamukti yoga
  • Jnana yoga
  • yoga Karma
  • yoga Mantra
  • yoga sutras patanjali
  • and Yoga Raja

The knowledge of these different models of yoga are essential to teach and become a yoga teacher. It should also be said that it is from this module that you can choose to specialize in a specific discipline of yoga. For example, you can become a hatha yoga or mantra yoga teacher.

MODULE 3: Meditation and Pranayama

Thanks to the meditation A future yoga teacher will be able to discover the state of calm and complete rest in which yoga plunges every human being. For a complete training whose goal is to practice a yoga teacher, several topics will be addressed and in particular that of the mastery of Pranayama.

MODULE 4 : Anatomy

A yoga teacher must be able to give tips to his or her students on how to make their body parts more muscular and flexible. This is why you should take the time to learn this course, which allows you to know the different parts of the human anatomy.

MODULE 5: Asanas, exploration of the main physical postures

It is from here that the most important concepts of the courses to become a yoga teacher will be taught. It is about exploring all the main physical postures, but also learning to break down one yoga movement at a time.

MODULE 6: How to Adjust a Yoga Posture

As the title suggests, this module for yoga teachers will allow them to teach their students how to adjust a yoga posture.

MODULE 7: Teaching and Planning a Yoga Class

To become a certified yoga teacher, this yoga teacher module will expand your knowledge. It will teach the future teacher how to balance standing and sitting postures.

MODULE 8: Health and Personal Practice

Through this course for yoga teacher, immersions in the life of each yogiwill be made in order to better organize the personal practice of each teacher.

MODULE 9: Detoxification, Medicinal Plants and Aromatherapy

In this last module for yoga teacher training, you will be able to explore the basics of yoga teaching. Then, in order to succeed as a yoga teacher, you will be provided with marketing courses.

It is after this hatha or yoga teacher training thata final exam is organized to evaluate all the acquired knowledge.

A Yoga Distance Learning course adapted to your budget

When choosing to train, it’s important to choose a quality training that fits your budget. This is what the alliance of these distance learning professionals offers you for this yoga teacher training. Professionals or beginners, their courses are for everyone.

For your convenience, their yoga teacher training courses are available in PDF, audio and video files.

The authenticity of their organization’s trainings (the alliance of yoga professionals on behalf of this online school) allows you to have a certifying diploma at the end of the training . However, to receive this certification, you will need to obtain 80% correct answers to the quiz designed by the teachers (easy to achieve if you follow it conscientiously).

At the moment, a big promotional operation is organized to make you join our team.

Indeed, for yoga training, you can benefit from a 70% discount on the training fees. The particularity with this training of yoga teacher in alliance with this prestigious school, is that you have the possibility to pay in 3 times on their registration pagein order to better follow your training to become a yoga teacher.

Now you have all the information about their yoga teacher training. Don’t hesitate to enroll in this training to start the adventure and become an expert in hatha yoga or other.

What’s next? How to make a living as a yoga teacher?

The next step (when you have the opportunity to practice as a yoga teacher) is to make a living with your new profession.

To do this, you will need to find students to take your classes. This may mean that you teach in a studio or that you hold classes from home, for example, from a distance or from outside.

8 ideas for making a living when you've become a yoga teacher

Here are 8 ideas for making a living when you’ve become a yoga teacher

  1. giving yoga classes and stress relief tips directly to companies
  2. partner with local restaurants to host “yoga and wine” nights
  3. teach a group at a yoga seminar or retreat
  4. canvass schools
  5. giving classes in yoga and meditation practices for childbirth preparation…
  6. organize trips to India dedicated to the discovery of the ancestral practices of yoga
  7. online courses on yoga, meditation and ayurveda
  8. partner with a personal development teacher as your techniques may be complementary

There have never been so many opportunities available to succeed as a yoga teacher in the way that you truly enjoy.

And make a living from teaching and of his passion for yogaMany teachers (especially in national education) would like this to be possible, so take advantage of it…

PS : The only drawback… Nobody will train for you.

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