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What are the best home theaters to buy for BlackFriday?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
Home Cinema Black Friday

Black Friday is coming up and we know you want to make the most of it. Why not buy a home theater system? We’ve compiled a list of the ones on sale right now, so you can shop early! So here are our top 5 best home theater systems worth splurging on this upcoming Black Friday

1 – NUMAN Reference 851

The perfect reference for music connoisseurs, the NUMAN Reference 851 will bring out every detail of your favorite albums as if you were back at a live performance. It’s so crisp and clean, you’ll feel like you’re standing in front of it.

In case those numbers have you salivating already, consider this: that cast aluminum chassis gives this beast a stunning finish without compromising on beauty or sound quality. And with a matching ferrite magnet that’s stronger than neodymium magnets, you’ll be blown away by the power of these units.
Now, put down the remote and find out what real hi-fi sound can do!

2 – Canton 03495 Movie 365

The Canton 03495 Movie 365 is a home theater system with 2.1 stereo sound and a built-in digital amplifier for the most realistic movie experience possible. Up to six speakers can be connected for powerful surround sound from anywhere in the room! If you have white furniture in your home, this product is the perfect touch – the perfect midnight black finish will complement any decor while looking very elegant and stylish. The speaker wires are included with the purchase, so you won’t have to worry about running out of cables either!

3 – Bose® Acoustimass® 10 Series V

Rock the house with the Bose Acoustimass 10. This home theater system offers spacious 5.1 surround sound for large rooms. The slim Direct/Reflecting Series II speakers can be mounted to the wall, yet offer a greater range of sound distribution than single-speaker models. A powered Acoustimass module uses two high-performance drivers to deliver powerful bass, while knobs control volume and low-frequency effects-perfect for gamers or music lovers who want explosive sound their way.

4 – Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Fill your room with the serious sound of an action movie. If you’re looking to take your game night experience up a notch, this speaker system ensures that all your friends will be on the edge of their seats as they hear every bullet fired in crystal clear HD sound. Immersive surround sound combined with THX certification means that when you listen, you won’t need picture-in-picture technology because the track will follow in perfect sync right in front of you. Put yourself in the shoes of a man and feel every bone crack, every throat slit, all in high definition and without leaving your home!

5 – Bose® CineMate® GS

Unveil true movie sound with Bose® CineMate® GS speakers. These studio-quality speakers deliver deep frequencies, wide dynamics and detailed clarity to bring your home entertainment to life. Let movies roar, concerts explode and games jump off the screen with immersive Bose performance for movies, parties or any other occasion.
Bose® CineMate® GS speakers are designed specifically for 5.1 surround sound applications, but can also be used for stereo listening in smaller spaces using only the left speaker if desired. Their compact size makes them perfect for use in small or large rooms, where they’ll pack a serious punch without dominating the room’s decor-so go ahead and hang those boards!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping event that begins at midnight the day after Thanksgiving. It is usually the busiest day of the year for stores. The name comes from the day when merchants put their accounting books in the background and recorded profits as all sales made on “black paper” This term originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1866. It was first used by stores to describe the day they finally began to make a profit.

We hope our information on this selection of Home Theater will help you make the best choice and get the best price for Black Friday.

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