What are the benefits of wall insulation?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Isolation pour murs

Every house or apartment or any other type of housing or dwelling often needs work or renovation for multiple reasons.

Indeed, several works are carried out in houses, some are more important than others. Among these we have the insulation of the walls which is considered to be an essential transformation in its cocoon and which is considered first priority to guarantee to the owner various advantages (financial savings, comfort and security)

What are the types of insulation?

There are two main types of insulation, the first is thermal insulation which protects the interior of the house from the cold, wind and heavy rain in winter as well as the heat in summer. The second is the phonic insulation which attenuates the noises coming from outside, corrects the noises of the interior.

Insulation of a house or an apartment is done in different ways and with different techniques.

This can be done by insulation :

  • Of the roof and the attic The insulation of the roof is very important because it protects your home from several external factors that could reduce your comfort (cold, sun etc.);
  • the exterior or interior walls Insulation of walls is of crucial importance, it reduces heat loss and therefore saves you a lot of money;
  • of the floor Heat losses also come from the floor of the building.

One of the most important insulation is the insulation of the walls given the rate of heat lost if the renovation operation is not carried out.

Why implement wall insulation

Wall insulation is for you if you feel that the walls of your building are cold and that despite an insulation of the roof, your heaters remain almost useless.

This method of renovation is also useful if you live in a place that is too noisy and you lack comfort and quiet.

Wall insulation will save you a lot of money and energy.

Wall insulation techniques and methods

Wall insulation is done in two ways different, the renovation is done either from the inside or from the outside. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Insulation from the inside allows to remedy the heat losses by thermal bridge, it is generally chosen when the house has a facade which one does not want to change; this method is not very expensive and rather simple to set up; it allows the owner to keep intact all the living space!

Insulating walls from the outside is a good alternative if you want to change the exterior of your home. The advantage of this method of renovation is that you will not have to move during the work, the interior will remain intact.

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