What are the benefits of cannabidiol on the skin?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 6 minutes to read
CBD et cosmétiques

Cannabis has crossed time, ages and eras certainly because of some beneficial properties recognized to the plant. From the moment the molecule of this substance was isolated, the various studies have only confirmed the wonderful properties of CBD. If today CBD is one of the best ingredients in cosmetic products, it is because of the multiple benefits of this substance for the human body.

For some years, cannabidiol has been the darling of laboratories and cosmetic companies because the virtues of this cannabinoid have been demonstrated. From now on, CBD-based beauty products are flooding the market because they are more beneficial for all skin types. Besides, who wouldn’t like to get cosmetic products that reveal your beauty as much as they take care of your body and give you back your former youth. A wide range of cosmetic products is available today to satisfy any dermatological needs.

The active ingredient in cannabis that protects and nourishes your skin

At the mention of the name cannabis, it’s easy to imagine your face if you didn’t know about CBD! Need to know more about CBD? This substance comes from the cannabis Santiva L which is a different variety of the Indian hemp. Within this cannabis Santiva, one can thus extract more than one hundred cannabinoids of which the most required is then the CBD or cannabinidiol. If this molecule is so appreciated in cosmetic, it is well for its properties with strong therapeutic content.

How does CBD take care of your skin? In order to enjoy the wonders of cannabidiol, the molecule must be extracted from industrial cannabis plants. Then, it is incorporated into the preparation of various cosmetic products. Because of its virtues, you will have during the use of your various wellness products, a sensation of pain relief, soothing of irritations and skin softness. With the presence of vitamin E, the CBD in your cosmetic products plays an antioxidant role that is essential to the good health of the skin. Moreover, with a high concentration (approximately 20%) of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, it is the guarantee of epidermal tonicity. Your skin is thus protected against :

  • Cellulite;
  • Wrinkles;
  • Pimples;
  • Acnes;
  • Dead skin;
  • The external aggressions of the skin…

To another extent, the regular use of a range of cosmetic products based on this cannabinoid will provide you with results such as:

  • Epidermal hydration;
  • Regeneration of dead skin cells;
  • Soothing of leather pains scalp;
  • Revitalization of dry skin.

Why choose CBD-based wellness products?

In France, hemp for therapeutic use is subject to strict regulation. This is why all cosmetic products containing Cannabidiol are presumed to be healthy and reputable for body wellness. Indeed, all producers of hemp for the food or cosmetic industry are required to grow plants with a THC content not exceeding 0.3%. Moreover, this reason implies that the CBD extracted from organic cannabis is better than that of other varieties, and therefore the use is quite recommended.

Besides being legally controlled, the simplest argument for choosing cannabidiol cosmetics is that they are certified organic. In reality, for most cosmetic industry accessories, the cannabidiol used is not synthesized in a laboratory. Thus, CBD-based cosmetics are totally natural for fearless use. However, the other ingredients used to make this or that body care product can come from many sources. You just have to be quite careful about the components of each item you buy.

CBD and cosmetics virtues

CBD, the new fashion in cosmetics

The use of this molecule for therapeutic purposes in France dates from recently. Despite the recent authorization of CBD use, French ingenuity remains limitless in the design of new products incorporating this miraculous substance. Thus, CBD is found as a basic ingredient in several cosmetic items. Today, almost all cosmetic products can integrate cannabidiol in their ingredients. You will find CBD in cosmetic products such as :

  • Massage oils;
  • Ointments;
  • Lubricants;
  • Cleaning gels;
  • Shampoo;
  • Balm;
  • Lotion for the body and face;
  • Soaps;
  • Serum;
  • Maskes.

Should we be wary of cannabidiol products?

The controversy is growing and the defenders of the anti-smoking or cannabis culture do not often recognize the benefits of cannabidiol. But what is it really? In absolute terms, it is by ignorance or lack of information that some people argue against the virtues of CBD. For others, it is the negative idea maintained towards cannabis that extends to the virtues of cannabidiol. And, as the received ideas often lend themselves to a bad interpretation, the polemic is still perpetuated today.

To date, no study has been able to formally indicate the danger that the use of products including cannabidiol represents on human health. On the contrary, most studies show the benefits of this substance for the relief of a good number of affections. For proof, the pharmaceutical industry exploits CBD-based medicines. This is for example the case of Epidiolex for the treatment of epileptic disorders. There is also Sativex which is indicated in the treatment of multiple sclerosis pathologies and against nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy.

Where to find the best cannabidiol-based wellness products?

Since the democratization of CBD in France in 2018, it is the rush to manufacture all kinds of products containing cannabidiol. If for the pharmaceutical industry, the use of this miraculous molecule is not too much felt, the cosmetic sector does not deprive itself. Finding CBD-based products is then easy. On line or in physical stores, various ranges of cosmetic products are available with a great diversity of brands.

Some cosmetic brands are obviously more popular than others, but when shopping, it is best to always inquire about each item. The web merchants give you more or less detailed information about each product and in store you have the opportunity to expose your apprehensions and be advised. Whatever your shopping platform, the welcome is very often warm.

How to use cosmetic products containing CBD?

Regardless of the CBD product, there are no specific indications recommended. Oils, creams, salves, gels or lotions can be used like any other cosmetic product. Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not have properties that have a negative impact on health. Therefore, the risks are limited when applying the various cosmetic products that contain it to the skin.

However, indications may be mentioned in relation to CBD oils depending on the concentration or dosage contained in your wellness products. Generally, CBD oil is available with a concentration of 5 to 20% and above. So, in the case of skin application or even oral use, the ideal dosage is given by the manufacturer. However, for a local application to relieve a pain for example, everything will depend on the intensity of the discomfort felt.

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