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How is it possible to vape without nicotine ?

By Sammy Byron , on June 16, 2021 - 5 minutes to read
vape without nicotine

To stop smoking is the wish of every smoker, to do this, many of them have chosen the electronic cigarette, and this, for its many advantages, because it allows to decrease the dependence on tobacco, little by little without damaging its health.

The possibility of vaping without nicotine

Many people believe that vaping automatically rhymes with nicotine, which is completely false, this is nothing but a preconceived idea. Nicotine is not essential for vaping. There are many choices with the e-cigarette, it offers a wide choice, whether for e-liquids or for the levels of nicotine they contain.

vape without nicotine

So, to answer the question, yes, it is possible to vape without nicotine and this option remains very interesting, especially if you are not a big smoker, you will just have to buy the electronic cigarette that meets your needs and fill it with e-liquids 0 nicotine. This method is advantageous because it allows the smoker to get away from tobacco without being frustrated.

How to vape without nicotine ?

The electronic cigarette offers its users the possibility of smoking without nicotine, but it should be noted that this differs from one person to another:

For beginners

For beginners, it is possible to start using the electronic cigarette directly with an e-liquid without nicotine, since they are not very addicted to cigarettes, so they can easily support the 0 nicotine, without feeling withdrawal or frustration. A standard cigarette can then suffice and meet the needs perfectly.

For heavy smokers

In the case of heavy smokers, it is not possible to use 0 nicotine e-liquids directly. To help a heavy smoker to get rid of their addiction to cigarettes, it is important to do it little by little, that is to say, they must start with a high dose of nicotine, then decrease it gradually, since vaping without nicotine will not be satisfying enough for them.

In this kind of case, the high-end vaporizer is the best, it allows the smoker to have some sensations of the traditional cigarette, which will not cause him big problems to move away from it.

The benefits of nicotine-free vape

benefits of nicotine-free vape

Thanks to their advantages, health professionals do not hesitate to advise heavy smokers to leave their conventional cigarettes for e-cigarettes, in fact, unlike the old cigarettes, the vapoteuses do not represent any risk to the health of consumers.

Reduce the number of cigarettes

If you manage the nicotine level well, it will help you to reduce, or even stop altogether the traditional cigarette which can have very serious effects on your health.

No health risk

By using electronic cigarettes without nicotine, all the damage that traditional cigarettes can cause is eliminated. Vaping also prevents all the respiratory diseases and cardiovascular accidents that are in most cases due to smoking.

Offers better flavors

People who use electronic cigarettes without nicotine have a better taste in the mouth and they notice that there is an absence of tingling, which is an advantage for beginners smokers, but remains a disadvantage for former smokers who prefer this tingling sensation in the mouth, that’s why they prefer the use of nicotine which is the cause of this tingling.

Protecting the health of those around you

By smoking conventional cigarettes, not only do we endanger ourselves, but we also endanger the health of those around us. Indeed, when you smoke in the presence of other people, they also inhale all the smoke from your cigarette, which exposes them to the risk of catching the same diseases as you and sometimes even more serious, especially when it is a child or a pregnant woman.

Quit smoking with nicotine-free vape

For smokers who would like to reduce or stop their consumption of conventional cigarettes with the help of the e-cigarette, it is good to know some things, to prevent you from relapsing and returning to the starting point, including:

Replacing the traditional cigarette

The majority of those who have used vaporizers say that the withdrawal from cigarettes is not done in one step, like any detox, it goes through several phases, so it should be noted that directly replace the traditional cigarette by the e-cigarette without nicotine will not work, even if you try to hold on the first few days you will eventually give up, since your body is already accustomed to it and will not stop asking you for more.

Switching to the dosage of a normal cigarette

There are different nicotine dosages in the e-liquids that are used in electronic cigarettes, so initially it is advisable to start with dosages that are more or less high, namely 16 or 18mg/ml which is the dose that a traditional cigarette contains and from there start to decrease little by little, moving from :

  • The normal cigarette to the light cigarette;
  • from the light cigarette to the extra light cigarette;
  • from the extra light cigarette to the nicotine free vape.

The transition to the dosage of a light cigarette

Over time, continue to lower the nicotine content of the e-liquids you consume until you reach the dosage of a light cigarette which is 11 or 12mg/ml.

The transition to the dosage of an extra light cigarette

Once you have got used to the diet cigarette and you feel ready to take the next step, reduce the nicotine dosage to 6mg/ml, which is the dosage of an extra light cigarette.

The transition to nicotine-free vaping

Once you manage to smoke only an extra light cigarette and you will no longer find it as difficult to smoke only the latter, you can consider yourself a winner. You are ready to move on to the nicotine-free electronic cigarette.

At this point, you will no longer feel the tingling in your throat, nor that warmth that a normal cigarette can give you, but always remember that it is these nicotine induced sensations that make you addicted to this thing, which only kills you and consumes you more and more every day.

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