The main styles and types of yoga known

By Sammy Byron , on November 3, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Quels sont les différents types de yoga ?

Since 2014, every first day of summer, namely June 21, and under the request of the Indian authorities, we celebrate the world day of the yoga. It is still difficult, today, to locate an exact period when yoga would have been invented. But far from any religious or spiritual practice, yoga has now become westernized and familiar with other cultures. Indeed, in search of relaxation, relaxation and relaxation, yoga is the best remedy to physical and mental concerns. In addition to its popularity in its stronghold in Southeast Asia, yoga has become popular in Europe, America, and even in some regions in Africa. We will help you in this article, to to know the various types of yoga.

The main types of yoga

In addition to the innumerable types of yoga that one could find in its fief; South-East Asia in this caseBikram Choudhury; American coach of Indian origin who developed yoga programs. Bikram Choudhury has been a great inspiration for many other coaches who, in turn, have developed new yoga programs, and the main types of yoga adopted in modern times are the following:

  • heated room yoga (Choudhury’s program),
  • yoga-acrobatics,
  • yoga-pilates,
  • the yoga-goat.

While you can find a multitude of other types of yoga, you still need to be careful of the consequences that the session could have on your body.

Characteristics of the main types of yoga

After receiving good feedback from your friends, family or even co-workers, you decided to try starting yoga sessions.

Here are some explanations on the essential types of yoga.

The yoga-acrobatics

This type of yoga is not the most popular, and its practice is not accessible to everyone. If you are flexible and used to doing gymnastic activities, you will be able to adapt very well, ideally with a partner.

The yoga of Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Choudhury yoga is one of the first popular types of yoga in the West. Initiated by the coach who bears the same name as his program. Bikram yoga is done in a closed space and heated above body temperature. This process is, however, widely discussed, because of the dangers and risks that the program carries on the heart and the after-effects that one could have in the case of a bad practice.

Pilates Yoga

This type is a fusion between yoga and the famous Pilates method. The concept is summarized in a series of exercises aimed at strengthen the muscles and bonesand relax them at the same time. This type also includes meditation and relaxation. It is one of the most common types of yoga, the one you see on TV or on gym ads. Pilates yoga classes are very trendy and are attracting more and more people.

What is the danger of certain types of yoga?

Doing yoga is good, but trying to vary the programs is not so good. In fact, many specialists advise yoga lovers to follow a single yoga programSome types of yoga exhaust the body and can lead to complications. Many people say they have experienced discomfort or weakness when trying to alternate between two different types of yoga, or after trying an unpopular type of yoga without following the instructions precisely. What we recommend is to choose a soft type of yogaand to watch one’s palpitations, especially for the elderly.
Now you know everything, you just have to follow the type of yoga that you like, taking into account the effort required by the exercise and your physical capabilities.

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