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The best models of Lacoste sneakers

By Sammy Byron , on November 5, 2022 - 5 minutes to read
The best models of Lacoste sneakers

Created in 1933The Lacoste brand has become more and more known on the market thanks to the quality of its articles, whether it is for ready-to-wear or for its accessories and perfumes. But what should we really think of Lacoste sneakers?

Lacoste sneakers : our selection of the best models of the brand

Lacoste sneakers
Lacoste sneakers : our selection of the best models of the brand

Lacoste is a brand of textile quite complete since it offers a wide range of products that it is the outfit, accessories through shoes and sneakers. Being part of the market leaders in its category, Lacoste offers several models of sneakers much more successful and accessible to the general public, unlike the luxury brands recently launched in the manufacture of sneakers.

Conjugating between two very different universes to know : sportswear and classic chicLacoste is an essential brand for all those who want to wear sneakers while remaining stylish and without spending a lot of money.

With rather minimalist designs and simple colors wearable in any occasion, Lacoste offers models of sneakers relatively basic without too many additions, while using noble materials such as leather for example.

You will have understood it, the sneakers of the Lacoste brand are adapted to any situation and are perfect, to have casual and chic looks at the same time. You do not know Lacoste sneakers and want to know more about these models? Then follow our step by step guide! We have indeed selected the best pairs of sneakers of the brand that are :

Lacoste Marice

Simple, refined and above all very elegant, these sneakers are the bestsellers of the brand. Rather designed for an older age group, the Marice sneakers are a perfect reinterpretation of the sneakers under moccasin shape. Whether for everyday outings or more formal occasions, the Lacoste Marice are perfect for any type of situation, and also fit perfectly with the spring and fall. This pair also offers several advantages, as follows:

  • Extreme comfort,
  • The presence of a thick sole: this will promote the comfort of the pair of shoes,
  • a high quality cushioning.

However, this pair of sneakers being very light does not have a good durability, so it is necessary to change every 2 years approximately. Its price also remains relatively expensive.

The pair Carnaby EVO of Lacoste

This pair of timeless sneakers of the brand is very well known on the market and is suitable for an audience of all ages (especially young people). Despite a relatively narrow cut, this model of sneakers offers an excellent experience for the customer both in terms of comfort, but also in terms of aesthetics. Indeed the mark there too, marks a good point because of the many combinations and possibilities of customizations.

It is therefore possible to have a unique Carnaby EVO according to your desires, while matching perfectly with any type of outfit.

This pair of sneakers has :

  • Relatively large traction,
  • a strap at the heel,
  • several details in relief : in particular the famous “lizard” logo of Lacoste,
  • a leather of very high quality.

Note that this model is much more affordable and offers a very interesting durability.

Lacoste also offers several other models such as :

  • Lacoste Straightset,
  • Lacoste Chaymon,
  • Lacoste Ampthill : excellent pair of sneakers,
  • Lacoste Rey.

Lacoste sneakers: what styles are available on the market

As you probably know, the Lacoste brand offers an excellent choice for the customer to choose a pair of sneakers that best suits his tastes and desires. For this reason, several styles of sneakers are marketed on the market, each of them has its own characteristics that are :

  • Sneakers or tennis shoes Very focused on sportswear,
  • the strollers these are much more chic sneakers with a moccasin spirit,
  • the slides these are pairs of sneakers exclusively designed for the beach.

As for the prices, they are relatively average, depending on the style as well as the the edition of the model selected.

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