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The best apartments for short term rental in Angers

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
Location courte durée Angers

Located on the banks of the Maine River, this small city is the historic capital and cradle of the Plantagenet dynasty. Today, its rich and complex history has earned it a reputation as a strategic city, and it is already a European cultural and intellectual center.

If you are considering visit Angers to appreciate its beautiful heritage and enjoy the beauty of its unique landscapes or simply to discover the friendliness of its inhabitants. There are many reasons to visit this place full of undeniable treasures.

So, do you want to explore this fascinating city? But you still don’t know how to find a short term rental ? Come on, we’ll take you there and provide you with the best advice to help you find the accommodation of your dreams or your stay in Angers.

Selection of the best short-term rental offers in Angers

You you go soon to Angers for a simple adventure trip or for your work and you wish to organize everything in advance ? Short term rentals seem to be the best solution for many people who want to rent for a specific period of time.

In this article, we present a selection of the most rated apartments in Angerswhich offer the possibility of benefiting from a short term rental contract:

  • Whole apartment in the center of Angers : this beautiful studio is located in the district Doutre in full center of Angers. The majority of people who have stayed there have given 5 stars to the location of the place. You have almost all the necessary amenities not far from you, transport and shops only 2 minutes walk.
  • Whole house accommodation for 3 travelers in Angers The apartment consists of a double bedroom and a living room with a convertible sofa. This beautiful studio of 30 square meters is quite bright, due to its location in the center of the city of Angers and overlooking a large public square.
  • Whole apartment with garden in Angers : this apartment, entirely renovated, is located in 10 minutes from downtown Angers by car. Perfectly suited to lovers of peace and nature, the 26 square meter apartment consists of a fully equipped kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room overlooking a beautiful garden.

Do you like this selection of the best offers? You can find many other offers on the internet by searching for real estate agencies in Angers or groups of renting between individuals.

Angers : where to live ?

For tourists passing through, the city center of Angers is without a doubt the best place to stay or for a short term rental. Let yourself be tempted by the castle of Angers and the magnificent Roman footprint and the museum of fine arts.

Across the river from the city of Angers, the lake of Maine is a space where scuba diving or windsurfing activities are practiced. So if you are in love with nature, consider spending 2 days in a bivouac around the Balzac park and enjoy the nature with your friends.

À West of AngersThe Saint-Jacques-Nazareth neighborhood offers an ideal fusion of country and city living. This particularly residential area allows those seeking where to stay in Angers for a short time to have a total comfort.

You have a very large choice of short term rentals in this city, so don’t hesitate to have a look at the different offers of short term rental in Angers to avoid any worries during your stay.

How to find an apartment for a furnished rental in Angers

As you can see, there are many solutions for a short term rental. So, in order to enjoy your vacation or your stays, it is important to choose your accommodation well. To find a furnished for cheap in Angers, you also have several possibilities.

To begin with, make sure you know your needs and expectations in terms of comfort. For example, it is essential to take into account the number of people who will be staying there. Also, make sure you decide on the area where you want to live during your visit. And an equally important point, you must take into account your budget.

Then, to find an affordable furnished rental in Angers, you can ask your travel agency. Indeed, the latter can give you all the details and all the hotel residences or the apartments which propose services of hiring. You will be able to make your choice easily.

Otherwise, you will have no trouble finding a furnished apartment on a website specialized in the field. All you have to do is search for furnished apartment rentals in Angers and all you have to do is make comparisons. A search on the web is faster and much more detailed with photos to support.

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