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Real estate rental management: the main rules to know

By Sammy Byron , on November 3, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
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What are the main types of leases in France ?

Real estate rental management is a field that knows many rules and specificities. Indeed, France has several types of leases, with different durations and conditions. It is therefore important to get information before signing. The lease from location is the most common type in France.

It can be signed for a minimum duration of one year, but it is usually concluded for a much longer period (3-6 years). The law of July 6, 1989 provides that the lessor cannot terminate a lease before the end of its initial period, unless there has been a violation of the contract by the tenant (non-payment of rent or impairments voluntary). However, there are some exceptions:
if the building is to be sold or demolished, for example. There are also farm leases, particularly used in the agricultural and viticultural fields.

They are usually for a period of one year but can be for up to 9 years. Leases commercial are signed for a duration minimal of one year but without upper limit fixed by the law this total freedom allows the contracting parties to agree together on a reasonable door with regard to the commercial project carried by the taker (individual store, commercial surface in a shopping center?).

Real estate rental management: the basic rules

The purpose of these rules is to protect the rights of tenants and to ensure the proper functioning of the real estate market.
The main rules concern:

– The advance notice in case of departure:
in case of early departure tenant must inform his owner at least 3 months in advance

– The charges rental costs :
the rental costs cannot be recovered by the landlord without prior agreement of the tenant

– Insurance home :
every owner is required to insure his property against the usual risks (fire, theft..). The real estate rental management is based on a balance to be found between the rights and obligations of the various parties.

It is the balance of power that will determine the conditions under which you can rent your property. It is important to know the basic rules of real estate rental management, especially with regard to deposit of guarantee and condominium.

This sum is intended to cover any damage caused by the tenant during the term of the lease. In France, the amount maximum deposit of guarantee cannot exceed three months of rent excluding charges.

The condominium includes all the owners of a building collective (building divided into apartments or terraced houses). The co-owners are bound by a specific law, the law “of 10 July 1965” on the co-ownership of buildings built.

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