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Natural tricks to optimize your sports recovery

By Sammy Byron , on January 26, 2021 - 2 minutes to read
Natural tricks to optimize your sports recovery

The practice of sport is beneficial to health. It is the partner of the cardiovascular system, and the best friend of muscle strengthening. It also helps to strengthen the silhouette if not to lose a few extra pounds. But to train well, we give you a few tips to optimize your sports recovery.

Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

Water is the sportsman’s best friend. Dehydrated, you lower your performance and increase the risk of demotivation. On the contrary, being well hydrated allows you to complete your training session, avoid cramps and, above all, recover well. Don’t forget to drink water regularly even if you are not thirsty. Just a few regular sips are enough.

Eat a varied and balanced diet

Balanced diet provides all the trace elements and minerals to keep the body functioning. During a sport activity, the human body consumes a lot of energy. Eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day is all the more important. But don’t forget proteins (animal or vegetable) to allow the muscles to recover.

Use tiger balm and essential oil of arnica

tiger balmThe natural products that are the tiger balm and oils based on arnica provide the muscles with a warming action. Applied after a sporting effort, the tiger balm is excellent to relax the muscles and allow them to recover. This action accelerates the disappearance of aches and pains, and can even treat slight contractures.

Allowing breaks

Sport stops are very important. Paradoxically, it is important to take breaks so as not to lose performance. Indeed, doing too much sport over a long period of time also creates an effect of weariness. You are less motivated, and perhaps enjoy your sessions less. During these periods, the body is able to recharge its batteries. Don’t worry, it is quite capable of memorizing the efforts you have made, and a break of a few days will not be negative, on the contrary !

Our advice is a very common good practice for all athletes. However, in case of persistent pain, consult your doctor for personalized advice.

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