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Must-have tips for breathtakingly photorealistic Midjourney images

By Sammy Byron , on July 31, 2023 - 3 minutes to read
Must-have tips for breathtakingly photorealistic Midjourney images

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, chances are you’ve already tried Chat GPT, widely distributed by Microsoft. However, you may have had less experience with image generation tools, which have received less media attention and given rise to fewer amusing or unusual anecdotes.

If you want to get started with image generation while maximizing your chances of getting realistic results, we recommend you take inspiration from the sample prompts below. Artists who use them have achieved stunning results, so much so that it’s hard to distinguish their creations from real photographs! These prompts work in Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DreamStudio, three of the most popular tools among AI artists.

Use Midjourney’s language to refine your prompts

The workings of AI tools can be complex, but to create high-quality photorealistic images, it’s important to master various features. A popular exercise is to request an image “in the style of” certain artists, which can yield impressive results.

However, to go further and achieve optimal compositions, it’s essential to master other aspects. For example, you can specify the type of optics used, which will influence depth of field. You can also choose the lighting style to create a specific mood. Colors are also important to create a particular atmosphere. Don’t forget to take into account the angle of view, which can give an interesting perspective. Finally, the level of detail is crucial for realistic, accurate images.

Using these parameters, the Midjourney API is able to generate highly realistic sets of photos, whatever the subject. This allows fantasy or science fiction enthusiasts, like Andreas Pardeike, to bring their creations to life more easily and quickly than with CAD software such as Blender.

In summary, to achieve high-quality photorealistic images with Midjourney, it’s essential to specify various parameters such as lens type, lighting style, colors, viewing angle and level of detail. This approach makes it possible to create impressive, realistic visual compositions in record time.

Get inspired by what works and what you like

Must-have tips for breathtakingly photorealistic Midjourney images

Challenges like the one above are very interesting because they give you access to the prompts that were used to create the images. By observing what other participants are doing, you can gradually integrate certain techniques into your own prompts, and thus achieve results that are closer to what you want to achieve. Twitter and Instagram are veritable mines of information for learning and improving your Midjourney image creation skills.

If you like the slightly vintage style of Linus Ekenstam’s creations, why not try using the “cinamagraphic” command in your next prompts? There are also thousands of other commands which, when added to a prompt, will immediately have an effect on the whole image while maintaining an extremely realistic rendering. Our favorites are “solarizing master”, “volumetric lighting” and “octane render”… Don’t hesitate to use them in moderation!

Always keep your old prompts

To become a perfect AI artist, your experience will be crucial. As GioM points out, it’s essential to keep the original prompts of your images in order to capitalize on your previous achievements, whether good or bad.

A final important tip is to experiment and generate different versions of an image you’re happy with, in order to analyze the impact of modifications. Changing camera, lens, angle of view, composition or virtual tripod can help you achieve a higher level of photorealism.

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