How to insulate your house from the outside

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Poser une isolation par l'extérieure

Insulating a building consists of placing special materials on the external walls of the building, in order to limit heat loss in winter or on the contrary to protect the building or house from heat stroke in summer. The process is also called : thermal insulationSince it limits heat loss, it allows for optimal energy consumption or even less, and at the same time allows you to save on your energy consumption bill.

How to carry out the installation of the external insulation of its house?

There are different methods for insulate your home thermally well from the outside, processes that you can do yourself or with the help of an expert, we offer three insulators most common on the market, namely:

The installation of glued insulation

This is an insulation made of polystyrene that contains a sticky part, and thus allows a direct fixation on the wall, it must be stripped, in which case it will be necessary to proceed to a stripping.

The installation of the wedge-wired insulation

This insulation is immobilized with glue dots and maintained with expansion plugs, which can be hit with a hammer or screwed with adapted screws.

The installation of insulating profiles

This insulation requires a mechanical fixation because it contains profiles that can be fixed vertically or horizontally on the beams of the walls. The material used in the manufacture of this insulation is white expanded polystyrene.

The finish

Once the fixing and installation of your thermal insulation finished we must proceed to the finish. There are several possible materials and methods:

  • The finishing plaster, this is a plaster that can be applied directly to the insulation;
  • The use of polystyrene boards when installing glued insulation;
  • Wood siding glued directly to the insulation, with materials such as PVC, zinc, or cement.

It is therefore very important to a thermal insulation for your own thermal and acoustic comfort because it also allows to limit the noise of the outside, when you opt for the installation of window with double glazing.

Not to mention that it allows you to reduce your energy consumption, save money and preserve the environment, and therefore fight indirectly against global warming, because when you install a thermal insulation, you limit at the same time the emission of CO2 .

The external thermal insulation allows to your house to have an added value, in case you want to sell your house one day or you rent it, it allows you to have a good real estate diagnosis as to the energy performance.

If you were hesitating to proceed with insulation we hope you have changed your mind after reading our article, dare to insulateDare to be comfortable!

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