How to choose the thickness of insulation in the attic?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 3 minutes to read
Épaisseur d'isolation dans les combles

There are several categories ofthicknesses of insulation in the atticWhether the insulation is made for one or two layers, the objective is simply the thermal resistance. Choosing a good insulator to allow the insulation of the attic is a delicate step as there are many solutions. Insulating allows a gain of economy and a gain of energy. So what is the advantage of the thickness of insulation of the attic ? And what are the different types of insulation?

Advantages of the thickness of insulation in the attic

The thickness of insulation in the attic has several advantages including theaccessibility of the insulation measure. Indeed, whether it is lost attic or converted attic, the insulation of these is simple to achieve. For the first case of attic, it is sufficient to put a layer of insulation at the level of the floor, while in the second case, the insulation must be placed at the level of the ramparts.

It should be noted that the insulation of the interior will generate the reduction of space unlike the insulation of the exterior which allows a gain of living space and at the same time the renovation of the roof. Thus, thethickness of insulation in the attic allows the limitation of the thermal losses which are by definition the heat loss by the walls and the exchanges of fluid with the outside within a building or a house, since the hot air tends rather to rise towards the higher floors to finally escape by the roof.

Insulation in the attic will to benefit from energy renovation aids. Indeed, owners or tenants benefit from renovation aid measures for all attic insulation work, including the tax credit for energy transition (CITE), and the energy premium.

The last advantage that attic insulation can present concerns the profitability of the investment, because opting for insulation work can reduce energy consumption in a home. In addition, you should know that the costs of the work are generally affordable, embarking on such a project can save considerable money.

The characteristics of the different types of attic insulation

There are several types of insulation, we find among the most used the isolation with wool glass wool. This is the most common insulation, it can insulate about 70% of the attic and is known to be a very good thermal and sound insulator for attic insulation. There is also therock insulation which is a high-performance insulator that comes in various forms of packaging. Alongside them, we cite thewood wool insulation which represents a type of insulation specially designed against xylophagous insects, it comes in the form of panels, it has the characteristic of being ecological. L’insulator with the wool of sheepis available in rolls or panels, and is used in raw or mixed form.

Other types of insulation can also be mentioned, including the following:

  • Expanded polystyrene;
  • Polyurethane;
  • Hemp;
  • Recycled textile;
  • Cellulose wadding.

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