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How to choose the color of your pumps?

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
Choisir la couleur d'escarpins

Taking care of your image is essential, no matter what the occasions and events, it is important to always look your best and let others see it.

This should therefore go through the choice of his dress that itself involves many other choices including that of shoes. For women, the pumps are a flagship element capable of making all the difference, but still it is necessary to know how to choose them.

Indeed, it is important to make a choice according to its personality, use and overall look. So, how to choose the color of its pumps ? And what are those that can match everyone?

On what criteria should we base our choice of a color of pumps ?

Choosing a good color of pumps is essential to ensure that they can best suit the chosen dress, as well as the occasion in question.

It is therefore important to take into consideration some criteria of choice which are moreover capable of transforming a banal outfit into an outfit that everyone would want to have.

Among the most important criteria for choosing the color of its pumps, there are:

  • The colors that make up the outfit;
  • The shape of the pumps;
  • Personal preferences of the person;
  • The event or occasion in question.

By making an alliance between all these points, it is possible to find the perfect pair of pumps for the person. However, it is necessary to learn to to take its time and not to rush, while keeping in mind its objectives and its desires.

Let’s move on to some very important details related to the choice of the color of the pumps.

Dress code

When choosing a pair of pumps, it is absolutely necessary to take into consideration the outfit that should go with them. Indeed, it would be unfortunate to make a choice without taking this into consideration.

It is therefore important to evaluate its performancebut also the colors that compose it. It is from there that it is possible to choose a palette of colors that can match the potential final choice of pumps in question.

The shape of the pumps

Of course, the shape of the pumps is just as important as their color. In addition, you should know that some colors are more beautiful and much better suited to certain colors, so it is crucial to take this into consideration.

Also, speaking of shape, it is as well of the curvature of the shoe that the shape and height of its heels. Think that you will walk with your pumps throughout the day or evening … All this is of paramount importance in choosing a beautiful color of pumps.

The preferences of the person

When choosing a color of pumps, you should never discard its personal preferences. Indeed, it is necessary to keep in mind that all these codes are there to help to make a better choice, but that it is still necessary to leave some freedom.

The event

Of course, some events are more extravagant than others, that’s why some colors are much more suitable than others.

It is necessary to take this into consideration to make a better choice about the color of his pair of pumps.

What to avoid in order to make a better choice of the color of your pumps?

Choosing a color of pumps is essential if you want your outfit to be perfect, so it is advisable to follow the criteria previously mentioned. However, it is possible that mistakes are made, so it is important to avoid them.

First of all, you should know that there are certain colors and textures of pumps that it is not advisable to choose for more or less formal events. These include pairs of shoes with lots of glitter and very festive colors.

Also, you have to keep in mind that it is absolutely necessary to feel as comfortable as possible in your pumps, their color also passes through there. It is therefore necessary to focus on the trend, but without forgetting your preferences.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid low-quality materials, because they tend to make the pump in question age more quickly, and that its color in this case quickly loses its brightness.

It is therefore important to choose both the color of the pumps and their material, so that they last long and remain just as elegant.

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