How many drops of CBD to take for a good sleep?

By Sammy Byron , on November 5, 2022 - 5 minutes to read
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Today, many people are experiencing problems with sleep disorders. This is due to stress, the daily use of screens or the pressure of work. However, there are natural medicines such as CBD (cannabidiol) which helps people to fall asleep. For a good effectiveness of this product, it is however necessary to master the appropriate dosage. Discover here how to use CBD oil to sleep well.

The criteria to consider for a good dosage of CBD

The cannabidiol or CBD is a substance contained in cannabis and represents the second most studied cannabinoid after THC. It is a virtuous component that is effective against sleep disorders. However, there is no universal dosage for CBD. Here are some criteria to consider when using this drug.

The weight of the consumer

Like most dietary supplements, the dosage from cannabidiol is a function of weight. In fact, the effects of CBD vary according to the weight of each individual. Thus, the conventional recommended daily dose would be 1 to 6 mg of CBD per 5 Kg of body mass.

However, the portions can be higher for people with a body mass important. Thus, for a person weighing between 45 and 70 kg, the quantity of CBD to be consumed is 5 to 15 mg. For another person weighing 70 kg, 15 to 25 mg of CBD should be administered per day. On the other hand, for users who weigh more than 90 kg, they will need between 20 and 33 mg of CBD.

Body chemistry

Every body is different and reacts in different ways to the use of a product. For example, two people of the same weight and height who take theCBD oil in order to fight insomnia will not feel the effects in the same way. Therefore, it is appropriate for each individual to listen to his needs and his body.

For this, it is recommended to consume CBD in small doses at the beginning of your treatment using a low-dose oil. You can then gradually increase the number of drops depending on your feelings and the results observed. For some people the satisfaction will be immediate, but for others, it will be necessary to wait 5 to 7 days to benefit from a restful sleep. Therefore, it will be necessary to take into account the effects of taking CBD for a week, in order to establish the dosage that really suits you.

The quality of the product

The right dosage also depends on the quality of the product purchased. This is a criterion that is not often considered, but which impacts the effectiveness of CBD products. Indeed, an oil made from a hemp plant 100% organic will be more effective than an oil made from non-organic plants. Similarly, if the oil is obtained from an optimal extraction process, it will be even more effective, as its organoleptic qualities will be preserved.

Quantity of CBD in a drop of oil

It is important to know the amount of CBD contained in a drop of oil to sleep. This will allow you to properly regulate your way of consume CBD oil. Indeed, there are various concentrations of cannabidiol oil on the market. Thus, the number of drops to consume can vary according to the dosage.

To know the CBD concentration Of a single drop of oil, you can make a simple calculation. Simply divide the total amount of CBD in a bottle of oil by the number of drops it contains. For example, a 10 ml bottle dosed at 5% contains about 200 drops of CBD oil, or an equivalent of 500 mg of CBD. Thus, we have: 500 mg/200 = 2.5 mg per drop of oil.

Ultimately, the ideal dosage of CBD for sleep is based on parameters relative to each individual such as weight, body chemistry… However, you can check out Juliana Birnbaum’s guide to how much CBD to consume for a restful sleep.

How does CBD affect our sleep?

Sleep is regulated by what is called the circadian cycle (alternating periods of wakefulness and sleep). However, when this cycle no longer fulfills its role, sleep loses its quality and disorders such as insomnia, restless legs syndrome or nightmares may appear.

Taking CBD can have a positive effect on the circadian sleep cycle. Indeed, cannabidiol has the ability to modify the message that CB1 and CB2 receptors send to the brain. The neuronal activity of these receptors, which are directly connected to the nervous system, then decreases in intensity and plunges the consumer of CBD oil in a state of beneficial relaxation. The body is relaxed, the mind is soothed. It is this state of relaxation which allows to find a better falling asleep and a deeper and restorative sleep.

In order to find a CBD oil that will allow you to find a good sleep, go to a site specialized in the marketing of CBD-based products. This is the case of the site Arthur and Lila, which offers high quality CBD oils in different dosages. You will also find in their pages a lot of advice on the good practices of taking CBD. They will allow you to obtain the best possible results.

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