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How long does the placement of a butt implant take ?

By Sammy Byron , on January 26, 2021 - 4 minutes to read
How long does the placement of a butt implant take ?

If you are not satisfied with your shape, especially the shape of your butt, you have the possibility to give them a rounder look and make them more pleasing to the eye. This is the buttock implant, which is a miraculous procedure that gives you a beautiful buttocks similar to those admired by Hollywood stars. Every day, this practice continues to make many people happy. However, it would be beneficial for you to know everything about butt plastic surgery before applying it.

What’s a buttock implant?

The buttock implant, also called buttock prosthesis, is a surgical operation that from its inception was well loved in Brazil. Today, this surgery has spread to many Western countries where it is practiced, including the United States. This practice is presented as a surgery that allows the increase of the volume of the buttocks. By opting for this surgery, you can choose between different morphologies including rounded and biconvex implants. Thanks to the buttock implant, you can correct your flat buttocks. You should know that this operation is performed by an expert surgeon in a clinic. And this to promote a perfect and natural look.

The steps of buttock implant placement

When placing the implant, the patient must be anesthetized first. This is an operation during which the surgeon will have to insert implants filled with silicone gel. The size and shape of the implants will be determined by the surgical staff beforehand.

The operation must be preceded by the detection by the surgeon of any possible infections or heart disease presented by the patient. The surgeon will then suggest that the patient take two weeks to rest before the operation. This will give her time to reflect and make a final decision.

The average implant placement time is two hours. The patient must be hospitalized two days before. After the operation she will have to spend another two hours in the recovery room. And this is very important, the patient will have to sleep on her stomach for 15 days after the operation.

After the operation, various instructions have to be followed. For example, the patient is not allowed to wipe herself backwards and she must shower every day. In addition, she will have to go for check-ups and will not be allowed to drink alcohol or do sports for a month.

In which country should you have your buttock prosthesis made?

Do you want to increase your buttocks and are you looking for the perfect way to do it? Well, buttock implants are an effective solution. They are full of many advantages and will help you to make your dream come true. On the other hand, there are several countries where you will be able to have your buttock prosthesis fitted.

Brazil, for example, is a perfect destination for the success of this operation. The regulations in this country are very strict. The risk of missing your operation is also rare. Moreover, Brazil has many competent surgeons who will be able to meet your expectations.

Another preferred destination for buttock implants is Turkey.  People come from all over the world to have their buttock prosthesis made there. It must be said that Turkey has many skilled and experienced surgeons. Moreover, the cost of this procedure is not high in this country. Nevertheless, be vigilant because the regulations are not as strict as in France.

Morocco has emerged in recent years as one of the leading destinations for the installation of a gluteal implant. This country has renowned clinics that will meet your expectations.

Ultimately, the placement of a gluteal implant takes only a few hours.  It is an advantageous operation that will allow you to increase the volume of your buttocks. It can be performed in France, but also in countries such as Turkey, Morocco…

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