Heatwave : The Top 3 Above Ground Pools to cool down when it’s 40°C in the shade ! We love the N°1 !

By Sammy Byron , on November 5, 2022 - 5 minutes to read
Canicule : Le Top 3 des Piscines Hors-Sol pour se rafraichir quand il fait 40°C à l'ombre ! On adore la N°1 !

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a house with a pool when it’s 40°C outside!!!? However, the acquisition of a pool is a very expensive project and you have to maintain it all year long.

But for a few years, it is possible to opt for an above ground pool.

You only install it at the ideal moment, it is not expensive to buy or to maintain and it fits even in small narrow gardens!

Everyone dreams since these last days of mid-June to refresh themselves in the water after a tiring day of work!

As we are nice at Frichmarket to avoid you to compare dozens of above ground pools and choose the best one, we present you in this buying guide the ones that could surely suit best your garden.

Our Top 3 Best Above Ground Pools to cool off in this summer!

Intex Ultra Rectangular Pool (975 x 488 x 132): The Competitive Above Ground Pool!

This is our real favorite! With dimensions similar to the traditional in-ground pool, you can even swim or party with 10 people in the pool!

It is of excellent quality in design, and for this price everything is provided from the ladder, to the filter to the protective cover. Here are the features in detail:

  • Intex Ultra XTR Frame Rectangular Removable Pool
  • capacity of 54 368 liters.
  • Sand purifier with a filtration capacity of 10 500 l/h
  • safety scale
  • upholstery
  • cover.
  • Tubular structure: sturdy steel parts coated inside and out with epoxy finish and drain plug with connection to the garden hose.
  • Triple thickness resistant tarpaulin

Please note that this pool is not recommended for children under 6 years old, especially because of the depth of more than 1,30m

Intex Metal Frame Junior Rectangular Pool: Ideal for small budgets!

This model Intex is very interesting for your children to enjoy a large pool in summer and at a lower cost! It is available in several sizes and it is one of the most economical versions you can find.

It requires very little assembly, although you have to pay close attention to all the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent it from getting damaged easily. It only takes about 30 minutes to be ready to swim.

It can accommodate a maximum of four people, which is perfect for the whole family or for your kids with some friends.

Its square shape allows you to integrate it in any space of your garden, even if it is not very big like in a townhouse for example. It has a drain plug for easy emptying and you can even connect it to a standard garden hose to help you do so. It doesn’t include a filter by default, but it does have the necessary connections to install it, and you can purchase it extra from the same manufacturer.

BestWay Steel Pro Max: A Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool

The Pool Bestway Steel Pro Max is the best if you are looking for a great size for the whole family, at a very economical price and high quality. Available in multiple sizes, you’re sure to find a size that fits.

This is one of the few models also that includes everything you need to install it, including the filter and water filter.

Although it doesn’t come with a cover, it is marketed at a really attractive price.

It has a large water capacity, as well as one of the most practical heights for adults. Unlike the traditional versions, this one is gray in color and its material is more rigid and robust to prevent it from being easily pierced. It is also reinforced with several steel bars to increase its stability.

It is quite easy to assemble, although it may take a little longer than in other cases because of its large size. But you can have it ready to swim in less than an hour.

The filtration and purification system will take care of cleaning the water and when you don’t need it anymore, you can open the quick drain valve. However, remember to measure beforehand if your garden has the right size for it.

How to prepare your land to install your above ground pool?

You have made your choice and purchase? Perfect. Now as a bonus, here is a video demonstration of how to prepare your land to install your above ground pool:

We wish you a nice fresh swim!

If you have any model to add or to specify, do not hesitate to do it in comments

Where to buy a Bestway pool?

No surprise, a Bestway pool, the SteelPro Max is in our top 3! Bestway is one of the most famous and popular brands in France today. By opting for this brand, we are generally satisfied… Same thing for the Intex pools!

In any case we found a good site to buy a Bestway pool: It is the site of an online pool specialist: Cash Piscines. This site allows you to buy good quality above ground and in ground pools in all shapes at unbeatable prices. You will find for example a Bestway Steelpro 4.27 x 1.22 for only a little over 400€.. Don’t hesitate to look at the other Bestway models offered by Cash Piscines… There might be one that suits you better.

Finally, note that you will also find many models of above ground pools Intexthe other brand to know when you are looking for a good pool that is both durable and affordable. As a reminder, two Intex models are among our favorite pools for this small selection. Of course, you will find on this same site all the necessary accessories to fully enjoy your favorite pool.

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