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Envato Elements (finally) unveils 7-day free trial offer with no commitment

By Sammy Byron , on November 3, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
Envato Elements 7 jours essai gratuit sans engagement

The Envato Elements 7-day no obligation trial offer is finally available! Long awaited (just look at the number of websites trying to offer wrong promo codes…) by potential users still hesitating, the Envato group just made a communication today.

You dreamed of having a complete catalog of WordPress themes or royalty-free videos to create your Youtube channel? Good news, you can get your 7-day free trial with no commitment today!

What is Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato. Its main purpose is to provide creators, designers and others with access to an impressive and growing library of digital resources.

What Envato Elements offers for download

Full Catalogue Envato Elements Offer
Complete Envato Elements Offer Catalog – Envato Elements Source and Credits

Sound catalog of digital content is very large and varied. Here is everything you can download if you subscribe to their offer:

  • WordPress themes : business themes, blog themes, e-commerce website creation, portfolio themes, multipurpose themes, etc;
  • WordPress plugins : forms, email marketing, social media plugins, etc.
  • photos : Many high quality, royalty-free photos of technology, people, food, landscapes, etc;
  • graphics : many objects, illustrations, icons, vectors and backgrounds;
    Design templates: UI and UX kits, infographics and product mockup templates;
  • presentation templates : Keynote, PowerPoint, etc. templates
  • templates for the Web Administration, email, landing page and web templates;
  • CMS templates : templates for Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Shopify and Tumblr to use;
  • templates, objects and 3D rendering;
  • video : Moving images and video sequences;
  • video templates;
  • music;
  • sound effects : Sounds of animals, cartoons, games and nature.

How does the Envato Elements license work?

Envato Elements makes licensing simple. One commercial license covers all downloadable elements. This allows you to use these resources in your work and creations with your clients and in your own work.

How the Envato Elements license works
How the Envato Elements License Works- Source and Credits Envato Elements

A single commercial license

All elements that can be used in Envato Elements have the same license terms. You get extended commercial rights to use the elements for your clients and for your own projects.

Register items each time they are used.

Each time you download an item, you receive a permanent, single-use license. If you want to reuse an item, just go to your downloads and re-register that item for a different use.

License Limitation

Be careful though, the license does not allow you to do everything with the contents that you decide to download:

  • you may not redistribute or resell the items;
  • you may not use the items in on-demand services;
  • you generally cannot use the items you have downloaded as a basis for merchandising. For example, you cannot print an Envato Elements item on a T-shirt.

What happens to my license if I cancel my subscription to Envato Elements?

Rest assured, you won’t have to delete all your creations!

If you have paid for access to the Envato Elements library, you can use all the items in the library for commercial purposes. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be able to download items.

However, any items that you have already downloaded and saved for a project before you cancel the subscription can still be used for that particular project.

Envato Elements Subscription Prices

There are several pricing options. It all depends on whether it is a “private” subscription that starts from 14,50€/month.

Are you a student? You also get a 30% discount

Envato Elements subscription rates and prices
Envato Elements Subscription Pricing – Source and Credits Envato Elements

If you have larger needs, are a team and need a package tailored to your organization, their offer starts at 2 members.

You will benefit from specific functionalities, a shared workspace, and above all a discounted subscription cost per member. Here are some examples of prices:

  • from 2 members, a subscription of 12,75 €/month each
  • from 4 members, a subscription of 10 €/month each
  • from 5 members, a subscription of 9,45 €/month each

You need more than 6 Members? Don’t panic, just contact them for a specific quote on their Enterprise Offer

With an inexpensive monthly subscription, the ability to test their service with no commitment and free for 7 days, no doubt Envato will gain a good number of users in the coming days!

So stop taking risks using content that doesn’t belong to you. The fines for copyright infringement are astronomical (between several thousand and hundreds of thousands of euros per fraudulent use).

Instead of crying when it’s too late or panicking and calling your lawyer, try their 7-day free trial offer today!

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