Cordless Vacuum Cleaner : With the JIMMY HW10 Say (finally) Goodbye to the Chore of Mopping !

By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 8 minutes to read
Aspirateur Laveur Sans Fil : Avec le JIMMY HW10 Dites (enfin) Adieu à la Corvée de la Serpillère !

The JIMMY HW10 is clearly positioned as one of these revolutionary products that will equip the French homes very quickly! When we know that the famous brand Xiaomi is behind this technology, it is already a guarantee of peace of mind!

We’ve all dreamed of being able to reduce the chore of cleaning as much as possible. First of all, there is the first step of the vacuum cleaner, which has already been shaken up with the arrival of cordless vacuum cleaners, the most famous being the Dyson. But then there was always the no less painful task of washing the floor – editor’s note: you know the moment when you think the cleaning is over but it’s not… So if you’re like us, you’ll be amazed!

And if we tell you that today you can : Vacuum Without Cord and Wash Your Floor Directly ?

Good news it’s the Jimmy HW10 Mission !

With its completely new design, it can work with water or dryIt can also wash carpets and many accessories will allow it to be used even on sofas and sensitive surfaces.

In short, it is a true multipurpose device that we will detail in our special file.

Jimmy HW10 : You’ve NEVER SEEN a floor scrubber like this one!

The Jimmy HW10 is a cordless device that will allow you to vacuum and mop in one go, without the constraint of the cable because it is cordless… (and one even with a baby in arms!)

What does the Jimmy HW10 come with?

Due to the number of accessories included, the packaging of the JIMMY HW10 can also be considered as reduced to the maximum. Sure, it’s not one of the smallest in circulation, but with the number of components it incorporates and the accessories that come with it, you’ll wonder how it all fit.

Inside the package there are:

  • 1 x 2-in-1 Padding Tool;
  • 1 x 2-in-1 flat nozzle;
  • 1 x electric mattress head ;
  • 1 x cleaning brush ;
  • 1 x 480 ml cleaning solution ;
  • 1 brush for carpets and rugs ;
  • 1 adapter ;
  • the suction / washing system – motor block
  • 1 x loading and storage base.

Quality design and materials

All components fit together perfectly and the battery is also easily removable at the touch of a button. And the same goes for the new motor, which could also be considered the real beating heart of a handheld vacuum cleaner, precisely because it can also be used separately with every accessory out of the box.

You will easily understand that even if the Jimmy HW10 is the size of a vacuum cleaner floor cleanerIt can actually be used to clean sofas, cars, furniture and so on.

All the control buttons are placed near the handle, which, no, does not have the typical shape of a gun, and allow you to switch from the standard brush mode to the vacuum cleaner, to the carpet vacuum cleaner, to the maximum power or to an automatic mode that operates at medium power or, if necessary, that can be set to maximum power.

It also has a large color LCD screen on which you can access all the information necessary for the proper use of the product. On this large screen it is possible to :

  • check the status of the battery
  • the mode of use
  • the state of charge
  • etc.

Our advice Once the charge is complete, you may have to unplug the power plug because the screen always stays on. This is probably a bug that will be fixed by a software update, but to avoid unnecessary power consumption, it is good to keep this under control.

The bin for receiving dirt and dirty water seems unimportant and suggests that it should be emptied at the end of each cleaning session. But in our opinion, this is a false debate, because who asks himself the question of emptying his bucket of dirty mop at the end of the cleaning session… It would not occur to him to leave it full until the next time. The same is true for the Jimmy HW10.

The opening system for emptying is among the simplest on the market: just press a button to proceed with emptying.

Jimmy HW10 Buying Guide - Complete File Test Reviews Price
The Jimmy HW10 has a modern design and a small storage space

Be careful with the weight of the device. If you’ve ever handled cordless cyclonic vacuums, they stand out because of their very light weight. But here you are in the presence of a household appliance that also has a cleaning function. The machinery that it embeds inevitably increases the overall weight of this device. If you don’t plan to use the cleaning function at all, you should choose a standard cordless vacuum cleaner, which will be lighter.

Finally, its charging base capable of receiving all the accessories contained in the package and which will be used for the self-cleaning function and another highlight: the drying function! Yes, because once the Jimmy HW10 On the base and starting the process of cleaning the rollers, you can decide to dry the used roller thoroughly.

Suction Power and Washing Efficiency

To operate the Jimmy HW10It is equipped with a very powerful motor of 400w, which really makes the difference compared to its counterparts.

Whether used in its “full” configuration or in the “compact” configuration with the help of the accessories, the Jimmy HW10 can clean almost any surface without any problem, and also handles pet hair or hair very well. When used to clean on the go, it has four modes:

  • AUTO: which uses the sensors built into the main brush and “understands” not only how much dirt is on the surface but also what type it is. In this way, it will be the same JIMMY HW10 to decide on the suction power and the possible amount of water to be used.
  • FLOOR: this is the mode indicated for any type of floor, as long as it is not a carpet or a rug. If you are careful, it is a good way to get a good cleaning and a considerable energy saving.
  • TURBO: excellent if the floor you want to clean is particularly dirty, but very energetic (therefore be careful with very fragile surfaces)
  • CARPET: this is a specific mode designed for cleaning carpets, which is best exploited by using the special roller that comes out of the package.

When you use it in “portable” mode, that is, using the accessories provided in the package, there are two modes of use:

  • ECO: the standard mode to be used for cleaning “traditional” surfaces.
  • MAX : more powerful mode, for surfaces such as sofas, car seats, mattresses… But very energy consuming, and which will consequently reduce the possible time of use of the device and the battery capacity.

Its handling is also very pleasant, thanks to the great adhesion that the motorized brush will have with the floor, the whole system will be almost “pulled” during the cleaning, which will reduce the effort to the maximum.

But the big difference with the Jimmy HW10 is that unlike other floor cleaners, this one does not wet the entire rollers. It only sprays water where it’s needed. You decide which areas to wet (useful for fragile areas that should not be wet). This also allows you to save water and product.

Battery life of the Jimmy HW10

For such a powerful, high-performance product, battery life is a difficult factor to assess. It is very complicated and performance depends a lot on the type of use. On average, the Jimmy HW10 benefits from an autonomy of about 30 minutes of operation, with a rather classic use for cleaning and washing floors.

How much can I buy the Jimmy HW10 for?

The price of the JIMMY HW10 is € 529,00 on Amazon and yes, it is certainly not among the cheapest models in the industry. But on the other hand, it is one of the most “efficient” products in its category and the reviews are pretty unanimous on these results! For us, it is the ideal time to make a nice gift: a young student who moves into a small house, a tired grandma, a forgotten Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, an overwhelmed mom… There are many reasons!

We had to find a flaw in this device… yes, its price is a bit important but when we know how much time we can save thanks to this device and that we are all running after minutes!

As the saying goes, nobody is perfect…

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