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By Sammy Byron , on November 3, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
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This is the essential item when you are the proud owner of a cat, especially in an apartment and when he lives in captivity. A space where he can play, claw, hide and attack you when you pass by him… But if your cat is not a standard size and is part of the giant cat family (or is overweight), there are adapted structures. Check out our best selection of cat trees for XXL cats below.

Usefulness of a cat tree

When we speak about cat tree, we refer to game platforms that cats need to stay at home, have fun as much as they want and without damaging your furniture and decorative accessories. Let’s first take a look at the usefulness of a cat tree. Indeed, this device can be used by your cats, small or big, to :

  • Climbing;
  • Observation post;
  • Scratching post.


It’s not new for cat lovers to see their pet climb and climb everywhere. Most felines, we are talking about real animals and not the resin cats, go out of their house to climb on trees, or for that matter on anything they find, hedges, cars, etc.. This is why the cat tree was created to allow your cat to climb without leaving their claws on your curtains, sofa, etc.. This accessory should therefore allow him to let off steam without leaving the house.

Observation post

Cats like to be up high to observe and see their surroundings. The cat tree provides your cat with an observation post, or more precisely, a climbing post, a comfortable and high space.

Scratching post

Cats, whether they are of the small cat or giant cat breeds, feel the need to cling to a scratching post or scratching post to sharpen their claws. Since cats grow claws quickly, they must maintain them themselves. Cat trees have one or more scratching posts. This prevents your cat from clawing on your sofas and table legs.

Other uses of the cat tree

Typically, cats often have to leave the house to climb trees or any other tall design. With play platforms like the cat tree, they can stay safe indoors in the comfort of the house, but with some of the benefits of the outdoors. This is very beneficial for cats in apartments or houses located in the city, often without yards and private outdoor spaces. The cat tree serves as a play platform, shelter and scratching post. Toys or simple dangling objects can be hung from the tree to attract your cat’s attention.

The XXL Cat

An XXL cat is not a cat that has gained too much weight, but cat breeds that are naturally large, even giant cats. The most famous XXL cats are the Maine coons. This cat breed is the same height as some dogs and weighs up to 8 kg.

big cat XXL Maine Coon
The most famous XXL cats are the Maine Coons

Therefore, we can see that the Maine Coon is an unusual cat as is the case with many other breeds such as the Ragdoll, the Norwegian, the Highlander, etc. They need accessories and structures adapted to their needs. to their characters and morphologies.

The cat tree for cats XXL

If you have a Maine Coon or other xxl cat breed at home, don’t hesitate to opt for a durable and quality cat tree.

These models ofcat tree are so strong that they will withstand the clawing and the weight of your Maine Coon or XXL cat. These giant cat trees feature:

  • Playground with hammock;
  • Kennels;
  • Toys;
  • A scratching post or scratching post;
  • Sisal columns.

The structure is sturdy and spacious enough to satisfy your big cat’s drive, without obstructing the interior spaces of your home. The price of these cat trees is affordable, with the possibility of adding additional accessories according to your preferences.

Our selection of the best XXL big cat trees

For your big cat to get some exercise and have fun on suitable structures, discover below our selection of the best cat trees for large animals.

Despite its appearance as a big, lazy cat, your favorite big ball of fur likes to have fun like all the other cats. He deserves a cat tree just like any other cat, and therefore requires a cat tree designed specifically for cat types like him.

We hope that you have been able to find something you like in our selection above.

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