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By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
où acheter cbd boutique en ligne

You want to start a CBD cure, you suffer from pain, migraines, stress or anxiety and your doctor has advised you to consume CBD with a certain dosage, but you do not know where to buy it?

No fear, this article is intended to introduce you to online stores where to buy CBD and you won’t even have to go anywhere, just place an order from your couch and you’ll have everything you need, we’ll tell you more right now.

StreetShop : an online store with more than 10 stores

An online store that has all the same 12 stores scattered all over France (Lyon, Toulouse, Montpellier … etc.) that sell CBD, more precisely products based on this substance. A team specialized in CBD for over 7 years. They sell CBD flowersCBD oils, CBG, cosmetics made of hemp and CBD and they also sell e-liquid for electronic cigarette based on cannabidiol. But not only! CBD foods are also available: drinks, teas and herbal teas with CBD, infusions, candies … etc. Capsules, terpenes, cannabidiol capsules can also be purchased.

We do not forget to tell you that it is the first seller of hemp seeds in France, here are some examples:

  • Dos Si Dos 33 seeds at 13 € ;
  • Sweet Amnesia Haze seeds at 22,50 € ;
  • Cream Caramel Auto seeds at 20 €;
  • Sweet Afghani Delicious seeds at 18,50 €.

And many other varieties of seeds, after 30 € of purchase, we offer you a seed of collection of Sensi Seeds or Humboldt.

1001 Herbes : to buy CBD in France

This French online store will help you offers many products with CBDWe will quote you with their price in the following paragraph.

where to buy cbd online store

They sell CBD oils in two ranges, the GOLD range and the PREMIUM range, the first one marries sunflower oil and hemp oil at concentrations of 5,10 and 25%, made to relieve your ingestion pains or headaches but in addition to de-stress you and bring some serenity. The prices vary from 27 € to 86 €. Then comes the second range, the latter is full spectrum, composed of CBD but also CBD A, perfect to relieve your pain and alleviate your inflammation, the bottles depending on the concentration are sold between 35 € and 100 €.

A Important range of CBD flowers is also offered for sale and of different types (indoor, grown from a greenhouse or outdoor). These last ones are selected so as to have an exceptional aroma and a satisfactory content in CBD, one has then :

  • the cannatonic with 10 € the gram;
  • CBD biomass at 6 € per gram;
  • maroccan hash at 8€ per gram.

And many other flowers available according to your preferences. Finally, orders are shipped within 1 to 2 business days, the cost includes packaging and postage.

321 CBD : the online store to buy CBD

He is an entrepreneur passionate about nature and products that provide relaxation to the human being, he opened this store by constituting his team as passionate as him, in order to offer people the best possible CBD products and which are pure but in addition in all the forms achievable today. That’s why this company has specialized in CBD to bring the impeccable quality of its products which we will talk about: CBD Wax, CBD flowers, CBD crystals, CBD oils, CBD resins and not only for human beings but also CBD for animals.

The crystals are the purest products containing 99% CBDHere is what they offer on their website:

  • Terpsolator Apple 99% CBD, 100 mg at 5 € ;
  • Terpsolator Raspberry (raspberry flavor) 99% CBD, 100 mg for €5;
  • Terpsolator Chocoloco 99% CBD, 100 mg for €5;
  • Terpsolator Critical Mass 99% CBD, 500 mg at €11.99 ;

It is clear that buying 500 mg is much cheaper, especially for experienced users who need larger doses.

There are also WAXs with 66% in one gram (666 mg) of CBD content in different flavors, 1 ml for 45 €. All their products have a THC content below 0.2% to comply with French legislation.

Our best recommendation to buy CBD

It will have escaped no one: with more and more stores selling CBD in major cities in France, we no longer count the number of times that some consumers have been ultimately very disappointed! To be sure, you just have to go and see the reviews and testimonies of many online stores and physical stores that are heavily criticized on the web. So, we decided to give you some indications, to finally advise you what seems to us to be the best opportunity.

The purchase of CBD online on this site is indeed highly recommended for all those who want to start in this practice, or for people who are also used to consume CBD. Thus, in just a few clicks, you will be able to find all the CBD products that interest you. It can as well be flowers of CBD, that of herbal teas, or still of the oil of CBD. With a delivery service that is very fast, you will not have to wait too long for the receipt of your order …

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