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By Sammy Byron , on November 4, 2022 - 4 minutes to read
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There are different types of decorative elements on the market that add an atypical and particular touch to a room. For an original and warm interior decoration, the small porcelain or resin pieces bring a very appreciable complementary touch. And for cat lovers, there is nothing better than small resin cat pieces. These are sold on the market in different colors, according to different models, allowing to diversify the decoration and to adapt it to all styles.

The different models of resin cat for garden

models of resin cat for garden

In a beautiful flower garden, adding small porcelain or resin statuettes brings a complementary and beautiful decorative touch. Many sites sell this type of decorative objects in different sizes, which can be small or large, depending on the requirements of the buyer. Moreover, there are different models of statuettes, whether they are classic, funny or symbolic. The small ones resin statuettes of cat are just as adorable and suitable.

On the sites of decoration, we find for example of the sculptures of cat in resin gold color of 30 cm, sold at a price of 39 €; and available in different models. You can also find other sculptures of white trash design cat in resin of 35 cm, with an alloy or a combination of colors and decorative patterns, with a certain artistic side at a price of 59 €;.

We also find sculptures of monochrome cat in resin available in different colors, of 45 cm at a price of 59 €;. This type of statuettes can also be sold in stores for interior decoration or others, or within flea markets, or yard sales.

You can also find statutes of Egyptian catsThey are quite symbolic, bringing a touch of history and myth to the decoration. They can be up to 30 cm high and constitute a beautiful and atypical decorative element.

Manufacturing process of the resin cats

manufacturing of resin cats

It is possible to make your own sculpture at home, following certain steps, in order to bring a personal touch to your garden. Nothing better than to put your hand to the dough to decorate your house! However, it is a quite complex technique which does not allow everyone to realize it easily. First of all, it is necessary to be equipped with the material necessary for the manufacture of these sculptures, which is the following:

  • An elastomer mold;
  • Plastic gloves;
  • Cartridge mask;
  • An emouchoir;
  • A brush;
  • A scale;
  • The ingredients: calcium carbonate, resin, a polyester casting resin, etc.

It is necessary to use a polyester resin and carefully mix the various ingredients to make his sculpture model using an elastomer mold. First of all, a layer of black resin must be applied, depending on the thickness of the mold. Once this has dried, the resin is mixed with the polyester, with calcium carbonate, following precise dosages. A catalyst is also added to the mixture. Once the mixture is ready, it is poured into the mold, which is shaken a little to have a homogeneous distribution. Once the sculpture has dried, it is removed from the mold. With the help of glass paper, we remove the surplus of resin from the sculpture. Finally, it is placed in the garden.

The different sites offering resin cat sculptures

We find various sites offering sculptures of cat in resinamong which we quote:

  • Amazon;
  • Cdiscount;
  • eBay;
  • Jardicom;
  • Anima Jardin, etc.

Each of these sites offers different models of sculpturesat different prices. Some are realistic, while others are inspired by more artistic designs. They are available at different prices, depending on the model, its dimensions, its quality, its conformity, etc. For collectors of this type of statuettes, they have a lot of choice, as there are different species of cats, carved in different models, with different colors. Some statuettes can cost up to 4299 €; and measure up to 235 cm.

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