Trump asked the ambassadors made by Obama to withdraw from functions until January 20

The team of Donald Trump to implement the transition of power has issued a general order ambassadors appointed by President Barack Obama to leave  their functions until taking office the new president on January 20.

The article said US Ambassador to New Zealand, quoted by the British media.

“I will retire on Jan. 20,” announced Ambassador Marc Gilbert on Twitter.

The order, which applies to all “without exception” is contains telegram to the State Department from December 23, specify Gilbert, confirming information of the newspaper “New York Times”.

The newspaper quoted diplomatic sources who, previous US governments – and republikant and democratic, they continued deadlines for ambassadors, especially those with children in school, have the opportunity to stay in the respective countries a few weeks or months.

State Department officials and a team of Trump for the transitional period were not willing to comment, noted British media.

If the order is implemented, the United States can remain for months without messengers, confirmed by the Senate, in key countries such as Germany, Canada and the UK, notes, “New York Times”.

Highly positioned representative from Trump told the newspaper that the measure has no malice and that its sole purpose is to ensure that the diplomatic representatives of Obama’s time they leave office, as well as thousands of political aides in the White House and federal agencies.

Preparing for entry on duty, Trump is planning function not to leave any political official appointed by Obama to reverse many of the achievements in internal and foreign policy of his predecessor in the White House