HILLARY HAS GONE CRAZY! After LOSING to Trump, Look What She Wants to Run for Now

Apparently losing in the most humiliating way imaginable once to Obama and again to Donald Trump was not enough for Hillary Clinton. Now she is back and has her eye on another top position entirely!

Newsmax is reporting that top Democrats donors and leaders are now asking Hillary to run for Mayor of New York against her friend Bill de Blasio.

You see, New Yorkers, for the most part, do not like Mayor de Blasio. He has been an ineffective clown and even managed to say something SUPER racist on stage with Hillary during the election.

(In case you didn’t know, CPT stands for ‘Colored People Time’ and is super racist to say)

This is not just a single source, either. Newsmax claims that one source said ‘She’s talking about it,’ with others noting, ‘If she ran, she’d win.’

It would not be a huge surprise if Hillary was up to no good and trying to weasel her way into NYC just to make Trump angry. Chances are it would be another attempt to “Pad her Resume” to run for President again in 2020 anyways. (H/T – Daily Mail)

Still, when it comes to “unnamed sources” from  ANY newspaper, you can never be too sure. I hope to God this turns out to be bogus and she is retiring, but just in case, let’s start praying for all New Yorkers to survive the Hillpocalypse.