“Rest in peace!” Twitter message from Medved to Obama


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medved today expressed regret that the administration of US President Barack Obama outgoing ended his tenure with the “anti-Russian agony.”
Medved made the announcement on Twitter, and the message ended with “R.I.P (Rest in Peace)” or “RIP”, news agency TASS.
“It is very sad that the Obama administration, which started the term with recovery efforts for cooperation, it can end with an anti-Russian agony. Rest in peace, “Medved cited the tweet.
US response to alleged interference in Russia’s presidential election in the United States on Thursday imposed harsh sanctions on Moscow, ousting 35 Russian diplomats and two of imprisonment facilities.
“I ordered the takeover of several actions in response to violent intimidation of the Russian government to US officials and cyber operations targeting American elections,” President Obama said, reports AFP.
These actions, as he indicated, are not a complete answer to the United States’ aggressive activities of Russia. ”
“We will continue with different actions at the time and place of our choosing, and some of them will be released,” he added.

US officials, who declined to be named told Reuters that Russian diplomats were told to leave America within 72 hours.