BREAKING: George Soros Back From The Grave! See His Plan To Attack Trump Now…

Liberal globalist billionaire George Soros is always trying to do something nasty. He is always scheming. That’s why he looks the way he does. In all seriousness, he did a great job as Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.

George Soros is Emperor Palpatine via Disney, FMObserver

According to Forward, George Soros wants to donate millions of dollars to fight the ‘supposed’ spike in hate crimes across the nation. He has promised to donate $10 million toward tracking and fighting hate crimes across America, says Public Radio International.

heard that right. George Soros is going to start propagating hate crimes throughout the media. This will most likely turn into a crackdown on right-wing sites.

*** Somebody needs to arrest George Soros for the hate crime of HATING America!

Be gone you nihilist, anarchist scum! You remember this thing that you said before the election.

You were wrong. You made a bad bet. The American people have woken up. Let’s make America great again. Let’s get these traitors out of our country!

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Let’s show George Soros that we are tired of his scheming. We the people of America have woken up!