Natural remedies that are suggested by doctors

Sometimes the best medicine you are right in front of the nose, in the kitchen or pantry. These few folk remedies will spare you from unnecessary expenses.

You feel weak and you would soon get sick?

If you feel weak, salty water is an excellent remedy. Salt water soothes inflamed throat and quickly washed bacteria. One study shows gargle with salt water three times a day reduces respiratory infections by up to 40 percent. Mix half a teaspoon of sea salt and 2.5 ml of water, and the liquid rinse mouth three times a day.

You have stomach cramps?

When you have cramps and flatulence in the stomach, drink chamomile tea or fennel. Scientists found that chamomile soothes the intestines and reduces the contractions of the lower intestine. Pineapple is also great for soothing the stomach cramps. If you have a problem or a similar drink chamomile tea or fennel once daily.

You have bad breath?

If your breath smells bad – parsley is the perfect cure for your problem. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll which destroys bacteria that cause bad breath. Take parsley leaves and chew at least one minute.

Swelling and inflammation

Fresh cabbage leaves are often used as the best bet for the treatment of inflamed veins and various other inflammation and swelling. Hide the inflamed area with one or more leaves of cabbage and secure with a bandage.