Here’s what will happen if you put an ice cube in this place

We all want to live long, to look younger, have more energy and live a fulfilling life. How would you achieve that?

Eat healthy, be active and think properly. However, one ice cube and a little time can help. Based on your head no point known as ” Feng Fu.”

Lie on your stomach and place an ice cube on this point. Allow to stand for 20 minutes and if you go fix it with a handkerchief.

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Do this in the morning on an empty stomach before going to sleep. What are the benefits?

1. Improves sleep.

2. Improves mood.

3. Soothes cold.

4. Soothes toothache and headache.

5. Helps with cardiovascular disease.

6. Assists with thyroid problems.

7. Soothes the symptoms of PMS.

8. Improves mental health.