Which vitamins you miss?

Eating uniform food, and food that is not fresh, it leads to a lack of certain vitamins needed by the body to be able to function properly. To find out which vitamins you miss, it’s enough to look in the mirror and notice the smallest details and change your body. Here are the signs that you should look for.


1. Leather

If your skin is dry and you notice the occurrence of dandruff and your facial appeared acne, then it is missing vitamins B2, E and C.

2. Eyes

When your eyes are red and hard filed stronger light, and under his eyes have dark circles, then you lack vitamin A and beta-carotene.

3. Lips

If lips are cracked and have wounds on the edges, then you have a lack of vitamins E and B6.

4. Teeth

If your teeth are cavities buys, bids, it is an indication that you lack calcium and vitamin C.

5. Hair

When hair breaks easily, dry and have a blossoming tops and on your scalp dandruff occurs, it is a sure sign that you lack vitamins B2 and B5.

6. Facial Expression

Irritable and dissatisfied expression also indicates that the body lacks vitamins Group B.