The best and worst breakfast for your health

Whether for good health and to maintain the slim line is worse than fat sandwich for breakfast or skipping the morning meal? As you’ll see below, healthy breakfast means something else.

Fat breakfast

In one study researchers wanted to examine the effect that the fatty breakfast has on the cardiovascular system of 20 healthy young adults. Participants in the study ate a day standard sandwich with ham, eggs and cheese for breakfast (sandwich contained 50 grams of fat and 900 calories), and the next day did not eat anything.

After fatty sandwich, all participants had lower blood flow just two hours after breakfast, because blood vessels could enough to expand and bring in enough oxygen to the heart.

Skipping breakfast

There is something far more frightening than the fatty breakfast, and it’s completely skipping breakfast.

Not only those who skip breakfast (or replace with a cup of coffee) have less energy, worse mood and less remembered than those who eat breakfast, but also face serious health risks.

Thus, these people have even 450 percent more likely to become obese, and 21 percent more likely to get type two diabetes.

The best breakfast

The best non-fat breakfast contains protein and fiber, that can be skim milk or yogurt in combination with whole grains. Otherwise, a study has confirmed the link between whole grains and decrease the hormone cortisol in the body which affects the collection of fat in the belly area.

Only 85 g whole grains already provided by the body daily amount of fiber, which improves digestion and lowers body fat, which contributes to longer life, a healthier heart and weight loss.