Drink of the gods: This “vitamin bomb” with modest ingredients expels all diseases!

According to Tantric beliefs, lime (one of the ingredients) drives “evil spirits” and thus brings positive energy and improves mood, and there are other benefits.

If you want to reward your body with a real nutritional bomb, make a potion that will drive all diseases and improve your mood. This time we make a recipe for troubled modest ingredients, but glorious name – “Green Goddess”.


● 1 Golden Delicious apple
● 1 hand spinach
● 1 pear
● 1 lime
● 1 stalk celery
● ¼ fresh cucumber medium size
● little water


Place the apples in a juicer or blender, then add the spinach. Add the pear, lime, celery, cucumber and water and all that good mix. Smoothies “Green Goddess” It is best to drink on an empty stomach or if you are physically active 30 minutes before exercising.

In this magnificent drink, a tasty and thick juice pear is coupled with the sharp taste of mature lime and calm with nutritional spinach and celery juice, refreshed with fresh cucumber and sweetened with apple juice.

Lime is otherwise an excellent source of vitamin C, and protect against numerous diseases, and British sailors in the 19th century used to prevent scurvy, a disease which is caused by lack of vitamin C in the diet.

But lime is useful only in the diet – the essence of this fruit is used in the manufacture of perfumes, means for cleaning and aromatherapy.

According to Tantric beliefs again, lime drives “evil spirits” and thus brings positive energy and improves mood.