Black lemonade was a hit at the Internet: one ingredient for another drink greeting!

Believe us, you will immediately want to try …

Black glass lemonade last hit which rules the social network Instagram, when it comes to nutrition. And although it looks absolutely great in photos, and of course that famous bloggers immediately began to praise this popular beverage, the best part of this lemonade is that it is extremely robust.

You do not believe that something so black can be a natural and healthy? In fact, really!

Unusual black on this lemonade comes from activated carbon which is made of peat, coconut bark and wood. In addition, the juice is juice from lime, lemon, water and corn syrup sweetener (for nicer taste).

Thanks to these components, the black lemonade recommended undergoing detoxification or if you are trying to get rid of some excess weight.

The combination of coal and vitamin C is just as perfect for when you have less hangover.

Well, all that remains is to try it to make and share your impressions with us.