All the benefits of mushrooms

In addition to being delicious and momentarily can enrich your every meal, mushrooms are very healthy and nutritious commodity that should be found on your plate.

Just 80 grams of mushrooms in composition can replace a meal fruits and vegetables.

As a natural source of vitamin “B5”, which gives the body energy and stamina, as this commodity is created for people who live with the accelerated pace of life. Also, mushrooms are low-fat and thus are ideal for those who want a healthy way to lose some weight. But like any other commodity and they should be properly cleaned and prepared for eating.

Nutritional values ​​of mushrooms are:

● Mushrooms are a natural source of a large amount of vitamins ( “B1”, “B2”, “C” and “D”) and minerals (potassium, iron, zinc, calcium).

● Packed with vitamin “B5” which helps the body to absorb and to fully use the energy from the food we eat.

● Have very low in calories and low in fat and therefore are an excellent and robust ally in each diet.

They are rich in protein and an excellent substitute for meat.

● Mushrooms are a natural source of folic acid is very difficult to replenish naturally.

Method of cleaning the mushrooms:

● Fresh mushrooms may not wash in water because they absorb like a sponge and thus lose their nutritional values.

● Get special sponge or brush to clean the mushrooms or rub them with a nice table cloth of coarser material until you remove all traces of dirt.

Cooking the mushrooms:

● Do not dispose of the stem but good clean and cut lengthwise in half.

● For goulash top of the mushrooms cut into halves and quarters. They stay juicy and delicious.

● For omelette, risotto or pasta sauce cut into thin sheets so they are easier and better connect with the sauce.

Cooking the mushrooms:

● Mushrooms always fry them in hot oil well. It is best to make butter or olive oil.

● If you want to bake mushrooms better, they may also be prepared in a big pot to have enough space.

● After you fried them to prepare what you want. Add the egg, bacon and vegetables, enriched them with garlic and tomato sauce or sour cream for cooking and enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.