Is brown sugar is really healthier?

Despite White refined sugar, many cafes often offer and brown sugar. Golden crystals packed in brown bags somehow make us think that this sugar is healthier than white sugar, which lately has a bad reputation.

Brown sugar producers warn that white sugar produced by the refining of sugar cane, which removes molasses, and some nutritionists say that small doses of micro nutrients in brown sugar containing this ingredient provide health advantages over white sugar. Brown sugar is also more expensive because the world is already a practice that is considered to be healthier and more.

So brown sugar really has these virtues? The brown sugar, as white is made from sugar beet. The main difference between the two types of sugar is in the process of producing sugar beet juice in white sugar was centrifuged to remove the molasses so that the product is divided into white crystals and molasses. Molasses, which is absent in white sugar for brown gives flavor and texture, in addition to sweetness. In terms of calorie and sugar composition and both are identical. For molasses, however, in previous research it is still not proven that there are documented health benefits.

The manufacturing process of sugar you can see in the video shown below:

How to make yourself brown sugar?

We all happened to want to try to make a new recipe, but you do not have brown sugar at home. Sure you can put white sugar, but due to the presence of molasses brown with its special textures and gives a different texture, for example when making a dough. To not have this problem in the future you can try yourself to make brown sugar. The preparation is extremely simple.

To make your own brown sugar you need is a cup of sugar and a tablespoon of molasses. Molasses is a thick and viscous mixture obtained from sugar cane, which occurs as a by-product in the production of crystal white sugar. Molasses can be found in more than health food stores. Mix molasses and white sugar with an electric mixer until white sugar does not get brown. Depending on whether you want a light brown or dark brown sugar, you can add another tablespoon of molasses. Thus obtained brown sugar you can use immediately or put it in a bowl of sugar.