8 reasons to drink lemon morning

If you want to stay healthy, replace the morning coffee with water with lemon. What do you enter and before breakfast is crucial to your health. Read why water with lemon is great to whole morning.


Lemon improves the immune system

Improves immunity so that nourishes the body with vitamin C which helps the absorption of iron in the body and acts against inflammation. Lemon also contains particles which act as antibacterial and potassium regulating blood pressure.


Lemon improves digestive system

Improves digestion by stimulating the digestive tract. Therefore it is recommended to drink at mealtimes.


Lemon adjusts the Ph value

Regulates the Ph value so that your body alkaline. When out of the body that is acidic but when metabolized, it has an alkaline effect and increases the Ph value of blood. To protect against disease, it is Ph value of your body is normal.


Lemon juice helps detoxify

Drinking lemon juice helps in detoxification because acts as a diuretic. Water with lemon try to drink with pulp as it contains fibers that help in removing toxins from the gut.


Miracles skin

Lemon juice helps the skin while removing toxins and provides vitamin C, and increases the alkalinity of the body. If you drink soda with lemon in the morning, it will encourage you to drink more water during the day to keep the body healthy and hydrated state.


Refreshes breath and improves oral cavity

Water with lemon because citrus and acidic content maintains the freshness of breath in the mouth and improves the health situation in the oral cavity. In fact, it recommends rinsing the oral cavity with water with lemon after each meal, especially if you do not have access to the device for brushing. Immediately after drinking water with lemon is not recommended brushing, because citric acid causes erosion of tooth enamel.


Helps reduce weight

Pectin fiber, which helps prevent nausea from hunger and uncontrollable hunger. Some studies show that people who have an alkaline diet, as opposed to those who have acidic, easier to lose weight.


Improves overall health

When you drink water with lemon feel fresher and more energetic. To get the best of lemon start to eat in the morning. Squeeze lemon in warm water. Then wait 15 to 30 minutes before you drink or eat something else. If you can, replace the morning coffee with water with lemon, and then continue with a fresh juice from fruit or vegetables, healthy breakfast.